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    See the AFC Wild Card Round,2017

    Steelers vs Dolphins Live Stream Golden Globe Awards 2017 Live Stream Giants vs Packers Live Stream Steelers vs Dolphins Live Stream Steelers vs Dolphins Live Stream
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    Do you think the AFC East and NFC East should switch New York teams?

    C'mon Brady needs more competition in that easy @ss divison.
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    Will The Broncos Clinch the AFC West Today?

    A Bronco win against Tampa Bay or a Chargers loss to Cincinnati will give them the AFC West title four games earlier than last season. BQ Final Score Broncos and Bucs?
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    Who will be second place in the AFC East next year?

    ok, so it's pretty likely the patriots will win the division next year...but my question is, who is the most likely to get second place? jets - they're probably the most talented but they really imploded at the end of this year bills - epic 2nd half collapse but we've seen what they can do...
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    Which division is worse the NFC east or AFC west?

    The first 3 teams in both divisions have equally terrible record, but the bottom team in the NFC east is one game behind the bottom team in the AFC west. Which division is the worst in the NFL this year or are they equally terrible?
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    Who will win the AFC West?

    It is still up for grabs!
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    If San Diego loses today, are they eliminated from winning the AFC West division?

    According to ESPN's Playoff Machine, if the Chargers lost to the Lions today, then they cannot win the AFC West division, no matter what Denver or anyone else does next week. ' So, let's go Lions! Chargers are getting's 17-0.
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    Who do you think is going to win the afc west?

    The Broncos win with win over chiefs or the raiders lose to chargers. The raiders have to beat the chargers and the Broncos need to lose to win the division. It is gonna be a tough game for both teams
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    Who wins AFC West tiebreaker if both Raiders and Broncos finish 9-7?

    Both would be 4-2 in division, 7-5 in conference..... 1-1 against each other... ....... GO CHIEFS!!
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    who do you think is winning the afc west?

    denver or oakland
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    Who wins the division in the AFC West depending on a specific scenario?

    If the Broncos lose to the Chiefs and the Chargers beat the Raiders this week, they will all be 8-8 and have beaten and lost to each other one time each this season. How is the division winner determined?
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    Who wins AFC West, Broncos or Raiders?

    And who do you want to win? If Tebow makes the playoffs, will he do anything?
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    Hasn't every team in the AFC West led the division at one point this season?

    If so, how often does something like this happen?
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    Who would win AFC West if the Broncos and Chargers both finished with 9-7 records?

    If the Broncos lose 2 of their next 3 games to either the Patriots, Bills, or Chiefs to finish 9-7 AND the Chargers win their next 3 games against the Ravens, Lions, and Raiders to finish 9-7, who would be first in the AFC West and advance into the playoffs? (assuming the Raiders finish 8-8...
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    Are you ready to give the AFC West to the Broncos yet?

    Once 1 and 4 now in 1st place The chargers always come on in the end of the year. But is it too late for them?

    Who will win the afc west?

    List every team with an explanation. San Diego, Oakland, Kansas City, or Denver. Personally, I honestly believe he Chargers will win out
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    Who will win the AFC West?

    Honestly I still think its going to be the Chargers. They will win their next games.. They killed Jax, and Denver falls apart in December. Too bad for Tebow!
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    Will the Chargers win the AFC West?

    If not then who? Remaining games: SD- BUF, BAL, at DET, at OAK OAK- at GB, DET, at KC(with kyle orton), SD DEN - CHI, NE, at BUF, KC Chiefs are done!
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    Who will win the AFC North?

    Will the Ravens slip up, and hand the Steelers the division with a bad loss, or will both teams tie, and the Ravens finally win the division? And why?
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    Who do you think will win the AFC West this year?

    The Oakland Raiders Or Denver Broncos???