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    Will Atlanta Falcons ever win the Super Bowl?

    Or do they have too many overrated players, especially on their defense.
  2. D

    Five Atlanta Falcons questions?

    1 Will Atlanta comeback against the Panters? 2 Will Atlanta win another game this year? if yes then against who? 3 Will Atlanta be the least relevant team in the playoffs? if not then who? 4 It is more likely that (Insert option here) than the Falcons wins the Super Bowl? 5 Did Atlanta find...
  3. E

    Atlanta Falcons = overrated?

    true or false?
  4. S

    Are the Atlanta Falcons the worse 11-1 team in the history of the NFL?

    How did they ever get to be 11-1? (soon to be 11-2) Even before today, I didn't hear many people picking them to get to the Super Bowl this season, let alone win it. They have no running game and Matty Ice Cold as their QB.
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    Anyone else think the Atlanta falcons are all hype and get bounced in the...

    ...1st round come jan? Az beat them in 08 10 packers 11 giants 12 will be the 49ers
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    Was that one of the best defensive games Atlanta Falcons played all Season?

    Their defense shut down the powerful offense of the Saints down. That is the type of defense they will need if they want a Super Bowl win.
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    has carolina panthers ever beat atlanta falcons?

    has carolina panthers ever beat atlanta falcons if so when
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    Are the Atlanta Falcons a superbowl team ?

    or are they overrated ?
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    Are the Atlanta falcons still undefeated?

    If not how many wins and losses do they have?
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    How do you wash an old school Atlanta Falcon's jersey without ruining it?

    It says its 100 percent nylon. Its number 21! I used to wear this at school because my oldest brother gave me it. Yes, I'm an Eagles fan so it's quite weird I own a 90's Falcons jersey but what the hey. Since my Eagles are straight up dog doo, maybe I should root for Falcons tonight since I have...
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    Are you shocked at how great The Atlanta Falcons are playing tonight?

    They're playing like a team that really can win a Super Bowl... :O
  12. K

    Atlanta Falcons vs New york Giants?

    Who do you think will win? Why and why not. Probably will bet on that game. Went with the Giants. Wish me luck, guys.
  13. H

    Jaguars @ Atlanta Falcons?

    24 - 38 Falcons win What're you predictions?
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    Where to watch Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers live NFL in my PC on online?

    Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers live NFL where? Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers live streaming on online? Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers live on online? where? Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers live online streaming? Where can i watch Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers...
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    who should i pick Chicago bears or the Atlanta falcons?

    Chicago bears(7-5) vs Denver broncos(7-5) and Atlanta falcons(7-5) vs Carolina panthers (4-8)
  16. B

    ASAP Im looking for a NFL Champion Jacket from the Atlanta Falcons HELPPPP!!!?

    Im looking for a girls NFL Champion Atlanta Falcons Jacket Ive looked everywhere and looks like the throwbacks bulky but tight if anyone could please help me with this I would greatly appreciate it!!!
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    I would have bet my house The Atlanta Falcons didn't let that happen. How bout you?

    After the challenge and all. There was no way Minnesota was gonna make it on 4th down. Can you believe that just happen? Not a first down...but a touchdown. And it was pretty and much needed. I guess you could say IM going for Minnesota.
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    Who would you like to see the Atlanta Falcons pick up during the off-season?

    I know Desean Jackson might be a free agent. I know Osi Umenyiora might be available too. Think of all the people this year that want to leave there current team, both offence and defense!
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    Should the Atlanta Falcons play man-coverage?

    It seems like they would be perfect for that scheme. Dunta Robinson looks his best when in man coverage, so does Brent Grimes! Any way the cover 2 zone has to many wholes in it.
  20. K

    San Francisco 49ers last year's Atlanta Falcons?

    Great season this year, but will drop next year because of a tougher schedule. The only great team the 49ers (cheated) was the Detroit Lions, and it was only by 6 Points.