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    Who would love to see the Denver Broncos play the Indianapolis Colts in the playoffs?

    If so who do you think would win out of the 2? I believe the Broncos would devour them.
  2. A

    Denver Broncos vs. tampa bay bucaneers?

    Who do u think is going to win and what are your oppinion on the broncos this year? (:
  3. G

    Websites I can live stream the Denver Broncos?

    Does anybody know of any websites that would allow me to watch the Broncos/Buccaneers game? It's almost playoff time and I live in Seattle so I can't follow my team. If you know of any sites like that, it'd be really appreciated if you'd share them with me. Thanks!
  4. D

    Will The Broncos Clinch the AFC West Today?

    A Bronco win against Tampa Bay or a Chargers loss to Cincinnati will give them the AFC West title four games earlier than last season. BQ Final Score Broncos and Bucs?
  5. W

    Who all is going to watch the Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots divisional...

    ...playoff game on tv tonight? go Broncos...........
  6. E

    When do the denver broncos play next?

    Do they play tomorrow? or today? I'm lost
  7. N

    Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots?

    Would you rather have momentum off of a big win or rest players for 2 weeks(like a midseason bye week)
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    Denver Broncos at New England Patriots: Press Coverage for 4 quarters?

    New England Football Patriots' fans, Q 1. Is Press Coverage thee BEST coverage you can put against Timmy T and his option offense? Q 2. Is it best to ALWAYS keep one safety in center field as a Hawk-Eye on Timmy? Q 3. What in YOUR OPINION is the best defensive scheme come Saturday...
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    Denver Broncos at New England Patriots: How do you rate the Patriots' defense?

    Fans! Epic beat-down will occur on the field this fast approaching Saturday! All the focus is on one upstart rookie, and a seasoned, elite Quarterback. But all the doubt is leveled on the shoulders of the Patriots' defenders, with media saying IF THE Patriots lose, it will be because of...
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    Is Denver broncos considered a wild card even though they won their division? ?

    Denver plays Pittsburgh steelers in a wild card game. However, I was curious if Denver themselves are actually considered a wild card since they won their division? Or is it just the steelers ?
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    Denver Broncos, Rookie/Sophomore QB's, 2011- NFL Season, Sports Media, & Has Tebow

    improved? I'm no longer a Denver Broncos fan (sorry guys 1995-2002), but I must admit; following the Broncos through the glory years and "gory" years has been one heck of a ride. Bronco fans be proud of your team's most recent success. I would like the Yahoo community's opinion on the Broncos...
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    Denver Broncos at New England Patriots: can Brady execute a win?

    Fans, The expertise of Brady is obvious, specifically his skill at passing, reading routes, defenses, etcetera, etc. The obvious underestimation is the visiting Broncos and a rookie QB in Timmy T bringing his newfound passing game to Foxboro. Q 1. What is NOT KNOWN THOUGH: Can Tom beat...
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    Can anyone explain how the DENVER BRONCOS deserve the playoff nod over the...

    ...CHARGERS and RAIDERS? All 3 teams are 8-8 with a 1-1 record against each other
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    Denver Broncos: If Tebow is injured, who backs him up?

    Broncos Fans, If your genuflecting quarterback gets injured, either this year, as they enter the playoffs, or next season: .. ... .. ... .. ... ... Q 1. Who backs him up? Quinn? Q 2. If Quinn backs him up, what kind of QB is Brady Quinn: A. pocket passer? B. option-aficionado? C. a...
  15. B

    Will Denver Broncos upset steelers?

    I think tim tebow has impressed alot of experts and i know his college history shows that hes a winner, and for a player to win 7 games and take his team to the playoffs means alot and that shows that he still remains being a winner i have high faith in tim tebow but i would like to know other...
  16. G

    Who wins AFC West tiebreaker if both Raiders and Broncos finish 9-7?

    Both would be 4-2 in division, 7-5 in conference..... 1-1 against each other... ....... GO CHIEFS!!
  17. R

    Who wins AFC West, Broncos or Raiders?

    And who do you want to win? If Tebow makes the playoffs, will he do anything?
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    Can the denver broncos clinch a playoff spot next week(week 16)?

    if so how? give me all the win/loss/tie scenarios.
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    After Denver Broncos' Tebow is "Patriotized", will gameplan change?

    Fans, Haters, and Fence-Sitters, Q 1. The truth was revealed: when a subpar passing offense (Broncos) went up against an elite passing offense (Patriots/Brady), we saw the truth: elite passing in the NFL wins games, especially when that elite passing QB can score in EVERY quarter: WILL THE...