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    Who would love to see the Denver Broncos play the Indianapolis Colts in the playoffs?

    If so who do you think would win out of the 2? I believe the Broncos would devour them.
  2. C

    where can i buy an Indianapolis Colts pylon hat?

    i have one that is getting worn out and cannot find another one like it i have found one for other teams but none for the colts.
  3. A

    Indianapolis Colts question?

    I'm one of the biggest colts fans in the state of Georgia and I don't have many people to talk colts about 1. What do you think of colts making playoffs, even if its through wild card 2. Do you think Andrew luck will surpass Peyton manning as far as career stats/ rookie stats 3. How many...
  4. C

    Have the Florida Gators and the Indianapolis Colts ever played each other?

    If so, who won?? Im a fan of both but hacent payed as much attention 'til now and I just wanted to know :) GO GATORS!!!!!
  5. R

    What was the 2007 NFL Champ Indianapolis Colts defense ranked in that 2007 season?

    Please help me win this argument with my co-worker!!!
  6. J

    Nxt yrs healthy carolina panthers vs nxt yr healthy colts?

    I say colts during the season but i see a healthy panthers going to the superbowl next yr and them beating the colts But in the season colts beating them
  7. D

    Will the Indianapolis Colts intentionally lose to Jacksonville?

    Losing the game will insure that the Colts will receive the #1 Pick in the NFL Draft. What do you think they will do? Please explain.
  8. F

    Indianapolis Colts, WTF?

    A turnover in less than 10 seconds, a touchdown in less than 1 minute. I see how this game is going to go. Anyone disagree? Well d*mn, they proved me wrong! I don't mind if it's win from an underdog. Luck (pun & precognition intended) was on the Colts side tonight! The star of this game was...
  9. P

    Would this year's Indianapolis Colts win the Super Bowl if they played in

    the NFL during the 1920s? Would they be able to match up against some of the original NFL teams given the differences in strategy, rules, etc?
  10. K

    Is it ironic that the Colts were the worst team in the NFL when they drafted Peyton?

    and immediately are the worst again without him....I've never seen anything like it before
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    Better team: 2008 Detroit Lions or 2011 Indianapolis Colts?

    minus Peyton of course. @ K-Dawg: How? They went 0-16. @ K-Dawg at least they WON TWO GAMES. The Lions DIDN'T WIN ONE. It doesn't matter how they played they still didn't play worse than the Lions. The Rams at least beat the Cowboys big and snuck by the Redskins. The Lions couldn't do that to...
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    Why do the Indianapolis Colts suck so much?

    0 and 13?! Foooottttbballlllllllll superrrrrrr bowlllllllllllll
  13. X

    What would the Indianapolis Colts record be IF Peyton Manning were healthy this

    season? I'm thinking 8-4 or maybe even 9-3 tied with Houston Texans. What do you think? Who would they have won and lost too?
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    NFL Colts draft question?

    Will the colts pull a old favre-rodgers move????
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    @#Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens live streaming NFl on online? Where?

    Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens live NFL where? Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens live streaming on online? Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens live on online? where? Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens live online streaming? Where can i watch Indianapolis Colts vs...
  16. K

    Who will win Indianapolis Colts Vs. Baltimore Ravens?

    This Sunday night who do you think will win?! and by how many points! Colts Vs. Ravens
  17. T

    Colts a perfect example of loyalty not existing in the NFL?

    They have the chance to trade Luck and get A LOT back to build for 1 more championship run, yet they are likely gonna take him and trade Manning! lol. Trade a HOF QB for an unproven QB.. Ok!
  18. S

    Why do the Indianapolis Colts suck this year?

    0-11 worst losing streak in NFL history.
  19. B

    what indianapolis colts' player jersey should i get?

    Im a colts fan and i was thinking pat angerer and dont say no one because they suck. haha i mean this season im getting one for christmas
  20. J

    Who wins LSU Tigers vs Indianapolis Colts?

    If both teams could some how play each other. Who do you think would win.