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    the College Football Playoff championship game between Alabama and Clemson

    CFP National Championship 2017 Live Streaming CFP National Championship 2017 Live Streaming Alabama vs Clemson Live Stream
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    The college football season has reached the finish line

    Alabama vs Clemson Live Stream Clemson vs Alabama Live Stream Alabama vs. Clemson live stream Clemson Tigers vs Alabama Crimson live streaming Clemson vs Alabama live stream Alabama vs Clemson Live Stream Clemson vs Alabama live stream Alabama vs Clemson Live Stream...
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    college football games lines announced for marquee games

    Oregon State's season opener against Weber State is just a tune up contest before its showdown your storied Michigan Wolverines and Jim Harbaugh in Ann Arbor. The Beavers are a two landing underdog, Which means Gary Andersen will have the option to earn his first marquee win with his new...
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    Where is the best high school football talent?

    With biases aside, which state do you think cranks out the majority of football talent? Where do you think college football recruiters flock to first?
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    Fantasy football running back, pick ONE - Alfred Morris vs. New York Giants Monday

    Night or Bryce Brown at Da? Alfred Morris vs. New York Giants Monday Night or Bryce Brown at Dallas tonight??
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    How have two terrible football teams with no NFL talent made it to the top

    of the BCS rankings? This is almost comical. Kansas State and Oregon are not very good football teams, nor do they have much talent. I still cannot understand how these teams are 1 and 2 in the rankings. Oregon is tiny and Kansas State is Kansas State. Both teams are ridiculously gimmicky...
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    Which NFL team will be the first to draft a female football player?

    I think the Lions, Jim Schwartz would do something like that.
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    Why is the NFL allowing Ben Roethlisberger to play football?

    I have been told that he was not charged or convicted with any crime as the women could not prove it in court. Now, before you bash me. Roethlisberger to me has always come across like a frat guy. The typical arrogant jock. Again and not all jocks are like this. Ben has had a life of YES. He...
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    Why did Houston not call thier football team The Oilers when they got the Texans?

    was it because the Titans were the Oilers?
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    New England Football Patriots: can they draft better talent?

    Patriots' fans, Q 1. In your opinion, IS DEFENSE the ONLY place the Patriots' need to focus, in the draft? *I assume defense is high on Belichick's list! Q 2. On offense, will Brady get lucky, Q 1 notwithstanding, and get a potential ELITE Wideout**? ** elite, as in say Justin...
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    Dallas Football Cowboys @ New York Football Giants.... .. .why the white?

    Fans, Q 1. Why do the Cowboys wear white for their Home - Games? Q 2. Why does the ENTIRE National Football United States of God Bless America Football League state that 'Home Teams' wear their dark colors, but Dallas is the ONLY team in the entire league to wear W-H-I-T-E for BOTH their...
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    I need help with my NFL football pool!?

    ok, I just signed up to play this NFL Playoff Fantasy Football Pool. It is over my head so I need a little help. I need to pick 2 QBs, 3 RBs, 3 WRs, 2 TEs, a Kicker and a Teams's Defense. I can only chose one player from each team! Each week a team gets elimanted then that player is no longer...
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    Are the Pittsburgh Steelers going to win the Lingerie Football Championship?

    I think so that way Big ben can sexually harass his own players
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    Is there a football offense anywhere in America that the Green Bay Packers...

    ...could stop? All season long, the Packers' defense has been giving up about 500 yards per game in offense. Is there a football offense ANYWHERE that the Packers "defense" could stop? NFL? College? High School?
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    Can anyone help me with a poster for the Dallas Cowboys football game on... eve? Can anyone help me with a poster for the Dallas Cowboys football game on Christmas eve.. televised on FOX
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    Is the NFC (l)east the worst division in football this year?

    It looks very likely that the division winner in the east will only have an 8-8 record, it's even possible that they will be 7-9. How bad is this division and should it be disbanded? Richard the NFC west has been tearing apart the NFC east all year. You in denial or something?
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    How can I watch NFL Football games online for free?

    Ozzie - Do you pay to watch it on your TV? I don't mind if there are ads in the online feed.
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    Superbowl! NFL Football ?

    How many games left till the Superbowl & who's left? Thanks! I don't know much about football lol Jets? more like yates!....T.J Yates:)
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    Are the TN Titans a real NFL football team or just a bunch of flag throwing

    cry babies? This Saints/Titans game feels like I'm watching my grandparents play scrabble while they're looking up every word in the dictionary.