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    Jets' Sheldon Richardson has 'positive vibes' as he awaits NFL verdict

    Sheldon Richardson acknowledged Wednesday he has spoken to the league office Buffalo Bills Jerseys "here and there" regarding his arrest from last July but said he still has no idea if he will be suspended for a possible violation of the NFL's personal conduct policy. "Positive vibes, man,"...
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    The New York Jets....?

    Do you think coach Ryan and Mark Sanchez are done in NYC after the season?
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    Why did the 1988 New York Jets play the KC Chiefs two times in the same year when

    in different divisions? Anyone know why?
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    Should I pick up New York Jets defense?

    I currently have Seattle, which is playing St. Louis. Should I pick up the Jets defense for this week and hold on to them for them following weeks?
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    Who will win Kansas City Chief VS. New York Jets?

    This Sunday night who do you think will win?! and by how many points! Chiefs VS. Jets
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    Should the New York Jets draft....?

    Should the New York Jets draft a QB? I'm a huge jets fan and think they have the talent to get to the Superbowl, but Mark Sanchez I think is holding us back! Sometimes Sanchez is great and he fools us into thinking he is the franchise quarterback for years to come. Then he will go out and throw...
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    Where are my New York Jets fans at?

    How about that 4th quarter today vs. Redskins? Next up...the Chiefs! Jets haters - F*CK YOU and your stupid answers!
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    Where can I find a 1990's New York Jets Aaron Glenn jersey?

    Trying to find an Aaron Glenn jersey in the style of the 80's and 90's Jets jerseys, before they changed to the current style uniform. I've tried ebay but no dice, wondering if there's some sort of specialty online store.
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    I heard the New York Jets whooped some tail but what was the score?

    Last sunday i was watchin the buffalo bills and the New York Jets game, but i didnt get to finish it. my boyfriends dad told me they whooped ass but i still dont know what the score was
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    True or False...New York JETS are really boring to watch?

    this sucks im stuck watching their boring azz's on channel 2...serously if it wasint for their big mouth coach who would be even talking about this team...they suck...holmes and revis are their only good players.i predict they will finish the season 7-9
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    How much would the printed autographed1969 AFL New York Jets football be worth?

    The signatures are not authentic, they're printed on. It has Joe Namath's name on it. It's the championship team (from what I gather). I suppose my uncle bought it that year, it was used for indoor football (before they won they game I guess) so it's a bit beat up, cracked, and has marks from...
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    What do the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets have in common?

    Their defense wins games but their QB's hand it back to the other team. Yeah i agree, im a eagles and ravens fan. more to the eagle side. but yeah ravens loss to jaguars was wtf??? Lol never did i say i was hating on these two teams. Ravens is my second favourite and Jets is kinda my third...
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    How much of the New York Jets loss tonight should be blamed on their scheduling?

    Not trying to make excuses, Tim Tebow is a WINNER and the Jets deserve to lose with the offense and special teams' horrible play tonight, but how much of the Jets loss should be blamed on their scheduling? 0%? 1%? 30%? - Sunday Night - 8:30 game vs. New England Patriots, ended at midnight -...
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    Will Rex Ryan be out of New York if the Jets fail to get to the AFC Championship?

    Whether his statement about Sanchez might be true he is going to lose alot of respect from Sanchez and his players. Sanchez being a young QB will most likely be favored over Rex Ryan if the Jets lose.
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    The Jets lost today and they're already talking smack to the Denver Broncos?

    Jets fans are saying they about to crush the Denver Broncos in Denver but why can't they beat New England? Denver going to beat them anyways!
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    I am winning by 7 points but my opponent has the new york jets defense. Will he win?

    So nervous I hope the Jets defense fails horribly
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    So New York Jets Fans, Whats your excuse?

    Also when you guys miss the playoffs this year will you realize Mark Sanchez is Terrible @Chaos really lets look at your answer from this question....;_ylt=AoX8RZYVxuefp4Ikp453nRHty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111009145512AAAt9Es @happy hour we play them...
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    Should the New York Jets run the ball more often?

    Shonn Greene can really get the job done. But they usually calls passing plays to keep the receivers happy.
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    New York Jets or New York Giants?

    Please pick one, even if you dislike both, im taking a survey 1. Jets or Giants? why? 2. Which teams has more fans? which team has the better fans? Thanks for participating.
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    Do New York Jets fans make you question the awesomeness of Firemen everywhere?

    He's about as much of a troll as I am so, take that as you will.