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    drama kicks it up a notch on big soccer stage

    drama kicks it up a notch on big soccer stage Adidas, which maintains its North American headquarters in North Portland, owns Massachusetts based Reebok.Given Nike's strong identification to the NFL through its partnerships with individual players Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings...
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    Matt pator kicks for 64 yards!!

    I may be a dallas fan but what a kick from matt for denver
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    what percentage do you do for onside kicks in nfl 2011?

    i've tried evey percentage on kickoffs and i've never got on!
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    Are onside kicks at the beginning of a game in the NFL legal?

    Please give me a source
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    Is OchoCinco going to get any kicks today?

    I hope so.
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    who would you rather have return kicks or punt return Dante Hall or Devin Hester?

    i say dante hall all the way! he is a beast! devin hester lost his skills a bit. thoughts and opinions