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    So what player should Eagles go for in NFL Draft? And BQ?

    BQ: Any chance they get #1 overall or what pick do y'all think they'll get?
  2. G

    Why was Bob Costas allowed to go on tv and claim that Kansas City Chiefs player and

    gf would still be alive if? guns weren't involved? Why was he allowed to make ignorant statements like that no TV? I guess someone forgot to tell that to Nicole Brown Simpson. Why was he allowed to make ignorant statements like that *on TV? NBC and NFL let this little Creep get away with...
  3. A

    How well known was the Kansas City Chiefs player who killed someone and himself... I had never heard of him.
  4. B

    Have you ever met a NFL player in person?

    if you did where they nice or mean
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    Which NFL team will be the first to draft a female football player?

    I think the Lions, Jim Schwartz would do something like that.
  6. S

    Who is the greatest NFL player to never win a Super Bowl?

    My dad asked me this and I thought it was a very interesting question. Its probably a matter of opinion but I'd probably go with Barry Sanders.
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    Who is your Favorite NFL Player From Each Postition?

    Offense QB: RB: FB: WR (2): TE: C: OG (2): OT (2): Defense: MLB: OLB: DT (2): DE (2): CB (2): FS: SS: Special Team: K: P: Edit: OLB (2)
  8. C

    Who is the Washington Redskins player that was kicked off the team off the... for repeated drug use? He played for the Redskins during the team's Super Bowl years in the early-1980's. I found him. The player was Dexter Manley. AGM-Not only did you know the answer, you provided info about another situation happening at the same time. I remember Roy Tarpley.
  9. K

    If "The Red Rifle"and Whoopi Goldberg had a kid,which nfl player would he/she...

    ...resemble? I say"Tom Brady". Or come up with your own combo and give the result. Nice one Bro. Bad@ss still hasnt found me,he's a lazy fuk.
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    If you were an NFL player who would you want to be your quarterback?

    Assume ceteris paribus. This isn't about who has the best stats but who is the best winner especially when it matters the most. Think about it like this, most linemen, defensive backs, coaches, etc. don't care what the heck the individual stats of any other player is - they just want to win a...
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    Do you think Aaron Rodgers will become the second player in NFL history to

    be unanimously selected as MVP? Unabomer: Voters
  12. H

    who is currently the best NFL player?

    in your opinion.
  13. S

    Who's the most underrated player in teh NFL?

    I think its Ben Tate. His yds/carry is unbelievable!!! I'm a Colts fan but I'm a BIG Ben Tate fan. He's great. Colts should go after him but Addai is the best pass blocking which helped Peyton greatly. Maybe it'll help Luck in the future... but that's another discussion
  14. P

    Which current nfl player has the most celebrity appeal?

    Meaning they would mobbed in public by gawking women, or harrases for autographs ect ect.
  15. B

    How are you going to call Suh a dirty player when Harrison in the NFL?

    People who say suh is the dirtiest player in the nfl is just plain ignorant and stupid. Have you people seen James Harrison!? That guy cheap shots whenever his thug self gets the chance to. Suh barely stomps on a guys arm he literally almost completely missed. And Harrison launches himself right...
  16. J

    who do you think is the Dirtiest Player in the NFL?

    Suh not withstanding, my pick is James Harrison, easy pick for me actually
  17. L

    what nfl player is the best?

    its for a project
  18. B

    what indianapolis colts' player jersey should i get?

    Im a colts fan and i was thinking pat angerer and dont say no one because they suck. haha i mean this season im getting one for christmas
  19. D

    Which NBA player would be the best in the NFL?

    Blake Griffen??
  20. S

    Who is the smallest NFL player?

    I think DeSean Jackson. 5'10 175 pounds. That's about the same as the average man.