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    Five Atlanta Falcons questions?

    1 Will Atlanta comeback against the Panters? 2 Will Atlanta win another game this year? if yes then against who? 3 Will Atlanta be the least relevant team in the playoffs? if not then who? 4 It is more likely that (Insert option here) than the Falcons wins the Super Bowl? 5 Did Atlanta find...
  2. H

    Madden NFL 13 Roster Questions?

    when i edit players ovr raing i cant keep it, it says your roster is out of date and when i update it, it changes back to the way it is how can i make it any way i want
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    Random NFL Questions, are you ready!?

    Fans, It's all about Football! The Qs.. .. ..your Post NFL 2012 Draft answers: Q 1. Will my Seachickens.....err, ummm, my Seahawks do well in the Draft? Predictions? Q 2. Will Timmy Tebow be the first Option QB to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy? Q 3. Will Andrew Luck go # 1...
  4. Z

    Nfc east showdown three questions?

    Im a saints fan but I like Michael Vick and the eagles ; their division is interesting . Who do you think will win eagles vs cowboys? Giants vs jets? Who do you think will win the division?? Its actually really exciting haha. I think eagles pull it off with help. What about you?
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    I have two questions dealing with the NFL and Packers.?

    1) Who is the #1 Ranked QB? 2) What other NFC team you think would be able to knock the Green Bay Packers out the playoffs?
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    Questions about NFL teams and their playbook?

    I just want to see your answers to these. 1. What NFL team do you think has the biggest offensive playbook? 2. What NFL team do you think has the smallest offensive playbook? 3. What NFL team do you think has the biggest defensive playbook? 4. What NFL team do you think has the...
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    Questions about Green Bay Packers season tickets?

    I just signed up for Packers season tickets. I'm 13 and i'm a Packer fan that lives in the D.C. area. My parents say it takes a lifetime to get season tickets, and I was wondering about these questions: 1. How long does it take apporximitely to get a normal set of 4 season tickets at Lambeau...
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    Fantasy Football noob questions... :) (NFL)?

    1. I offered someone a player for his QB, and he accepted. However, a different team owner ended up 'veto'ing it, so I didn't get the trade. How do vetoes work? Does everyone get infinite vetos? How can I get the trade, offer a better/more players or keep trying or what? 2. How do I compare...
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    NFL week 4 questions?

    Since it's week 4 and the Bears have completed winning for the year, are the fans going to: 1. Be real fans and accept the failure? 2. Break out their emergency Packers jerseys? 3. Go wild, and claim they've always really been Lions fans? 4. Jump on the BROWNS bandwagon? As a lifelong...
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    Chicago Bears Questions?

    What do you think they should do? Should they Fire Mike Martz? Who should be their No. 1 and 2 Receivers? Should They Sign T.O. and Randy Moss? Record Prediction? What else?
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    i have 2 questions for cleveland browns fans?

    don't you wish your team had a logo on their helmets? if so then what do you think the logo should look like?
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    Can you answer these questions about the new york jets.?

    NEW YORK JETS YOU CAN GIVE ME A WEBSITE IF YOU WANT AND ALSO ***** MAKE SURE IT IS FOR 2011****** team u represent name of city they represent name of state the city's located in what are the teams colors who are the teams owner/owners what is the name of their home stadium what is the...
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    NFL Fantasy Questions.?

    I'm in a stranded keepers league. Now I have Big Ben and someone is trading me Big Ben for Tony Romo. Should I do it because Big Ben has been doing poor these past two games. Also I picked up Julio Jones because he is rookie and its a keeper league is that a good idea or should I just...
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    NFL week 3 questions?

    Packer vs. Panthers Ravens vs. Titans steelers vs. seahawks jets vs. Jaguars give me score predictions
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    questions about the Baltimore Ravens?

    how will they do after the big win over the steelers? how affective will jimmys smith injury be to the ravens? ed reed defense player of the year? how many picks will he end up getting? joe flacco have a great year? ravens have a chance to the super bowl? boldin or evens having...
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    Where do you ask NFL related questions?

    Whenever I or someone else asks it in the football (American) section the questions get deleted. Does yahoo not like the NFL?
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    New NFL Rules and Other Football Questions?

    So I recently started watching American football. Of course barely new anything, so I've been watching and reading online a lot. Many of you have been good at answering questions for me here too. But it seems more come up than I can even find answers for online. For example: What do you think...
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    NFL Questions needed to be answered Details Inside?

    1.) How high above the field must the top facing of a crossbar be? 2.) In 1997, Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders set the all-time record for 100-yard rushing games in a season with how many? 3.) Who coached the Minnesota Vikings from their inception in 1961 to 1966? 4.) Which...
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    Questions about "ESPN NFL 2K5"?

    I have several questions for the game ESPN NFL 2K5. I will number them off and please answer them numbered. 1. Do you think it is one of the best sports games made? 2. Even in 2011, is it still worth getting? 3. What's your favorite feature in that game? 4. What makes it more superior then...
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    NFL: Few Questions about Can Newton.?

    1. Starting job in Carolina; Cam Newton or Jimmy Clausen? 2. Will Cam Newton be a bust? Why? 3. Overrated or Underrated? 4. Super Bowl Potential in his career? 5. How man Yards, Touchdowns, Interceptions will he throw for in 2011? 6. Will he make Pro Bowl anytime in 5 years...