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    Is Rex Ryan the most arrogant, prideful guy in the NFL?

    His arrogance, and pride is allowing him not to acknowledge that Sanchez is simply not a good quarterback, and does not give the Jets the best chance to win. If the Jets would have played Tebow they'd be in much better shape, right now. But Rex won't play Tebow because he's dug in with Sanchez...
  2. S

    Will Rex Ryan be out of New York if the Jets fail to get to the AFC Championship?

    Whether his statement about Sanchez might be true he is going to lose alot of respect from Sanchez and his players. Sanchez being a young QB will most likely be favored over Rex Ryan if the Jets lose.
  3. M

    Will Rex Grossman be a team captain of Washington Redskins this year? Will...

    ...he get 1 of those "C" patches.? do the redskins use the "C" patch.
  4. F

    What is the name of the award that was given to Rex Ryan for being the

    best NFL Head Coach last year? BQ: Do you think he can win it again this year?
  5. F

    Has Rex Ryan earned the title of best head coach in the NFL?

    I'm pretty sure he's a lock for it.
  6. J

    T Rex vs. Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders?

    If we were able to clone dinosaurs what do you think would happen if a T Rex got loose on the field while the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders were practicing? Would the cheerleaders be able to get away or do you think some of them would get eaten?
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    What do you think about the best coach in the NFL, Rex Ryan,

    guaranteeing another Super Bowl win? J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! Comin' for ya again in 2011-2012!
  8. K

    Is Rex GRossman the worst QB in the NFL right now?

    I think so. Im not really sure how a team can rely on their defense as much as the Bears do. You cant win the big games with a guy like Grossman at the helm.
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    Will the hiring of Rex Ryan improve the Dallas Cowboys defense?

    It's official. Rex Ryan, nephew of famed former Eagles coach Buddy Ryan, is now the new Defensive Coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys. Ryan has a reputation around the league of stirring the pot, but has been successful with the New York Jets, guiding them to two straight AFC East titles, two...
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    Should Rex Ryan apologize for lying to everyone about the Jets being the... team in the NFL? He lied all season and set expectations too high. Jets fans everywhere must feel disappointed and betrayed.
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    Buy or sell: Rex Ryan is the best coach in the NFL?

    Do you think he's the best coach Also BQ: will Rex Ryan make it "personal" between him and the steelers?
  12. D

    better nfl coach rex ryan or mike tomlin?

    seriously i hear to many jets fans praising rex being the best coach ..i believe tomlin to be a great coach even if he took the team over from cowhers who built that team..
  13. J

    Is Rex Ryan the defensive coordinator as well as head coach for the new york jets?

    or is someone else the defensive coordinator? also should the Titans get Rob Ryan for defensive coordinator?
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    Really rex? really NFL? really?

    How is Rex Grossman still in the NFL?
  15. ?

    Will Rex Ryan put his best FOOT forward and focus on the Chicago Bears this weekend?

    With the bears running game/defense, if you give them an inch they'll take a foot.
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    Has Rex Ryan proven his dominance over the NFL after this victory over the Steelers?

    Jets represent the AFC in the Super Bowl without a doubt.
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    Why is current Washington Redskins QB Rex Grossman called "Sexy Rexy" at times?

    I have been wanting to know the answer to this for a long time, why is his nickname "sexy rexy"? Does it date back to his Chicago days?
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    Would you buy a book about coaching in the NFL authored by Rex Ryan?

    I know all the other NFL coaches would buy it. They all look up to him.
  19. C

    do you think rex ryan is the best coach in the NFL?

    If not who do you really think is?