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    NFC South NFL

    expansion franchise before or after to Los Angeles, in Las Vegas, Nevada & to group: Eldon Sebastian Kozaks by 2018. Team name is Nevada golden Indians. Nevada Golden Indians owners group: Eldon Sebastian Kozaks: Owner & President Bob Stoops: Brad Pitt: Jon Voight:
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    in the nfc south who has the best players at each position?

    carolina new orleans atlanta tampa?
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    NFC North vs. NFC South?

    Which is the better division? I think the North, not because I'm a Lions fan, but because of the overall record of our division (especially against the NFC South). Also, the Bears, Packers, Lions, and Vikings have better defenses than any team in the NFC South.
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    How thankful should the NFC North be that they get to play the NFC South this season?

    Saints Buccaneers Falcons Panthers Easy schedule for the NFC North. The only competition they have is the Saints. The Falcons and Bucs have taken a step back this season and although the Panthers have taken a step forward, they are still not as good as either the Falcons or the Bucs...
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    So far from this season rate each nfl team from the nfc south?

    rate the saints panthers falcons and bucs from A to F and give reasons and explanations
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    Would you like to rank the Top 5 WRs in the AFC South?

    Here's mine: 1. Pierre Garçon 2. That Johnson guy on Houston 3. Sir Reginald Wayne III 4. Austin Collie when his head is not severely damaged 5. I don't know anyone else so yeah...oh wait there's some other white guy Gonzalez but I never throw to him, he sucks balls
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    NFC North vs. NFC South?

    Let's say the NFC North teams rallied together to create one strong team vs. NFC South teams. Who would win in a football game? I think the NFC North ROFLstomps, especially Jennings and Megatron on the same team!!!
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    who will win the AFC South Division?

    The AFC South is normally ruled by Manning and the Colts. I would like to see your opinion on who you believe will win this division and move on in the playoffs if at all. I honestly believe that Jacksonville will pull ahead by getting wins inside the division. Houston seems to be very...
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    NFC North vs. NFC South?

    I think this week clearly shows who the better conference is! Lions baby!
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    With Newton's impressive start and the entire NFC South 0-1 is there hope...

    ...for Carolina? I say No but what do you think?
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    NFC South Predictions?

    Considering how the entire division is winless right now. What are your predictions for NFC South?
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    NFC South is overrated?

    Clearly the NFC North is superior.
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    Every team in NFC South 0-1?

    Between Atlanta and carolina New Orleans will lose again. Atlanta will beat the eagles by 3 Carolina has a chance to win Tampa bay will lose. With Freeman not playing the first quarter in that game the vikings can take a good lead.
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    Will the entire NFC south division start 0-1?

    Falcons are getting killed and the Bucs are losing right now. Panthers will also probably lose.
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    NFC North just embarrassed the (overrated) NFC South?

    Packers raeped. Bears raeped. Lions won. Vikings will win. Goddamn, best division in FB!
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    Is the NFC south the most overrated division in the NFL?

    Atlanta got blow out by Chicago, New Orleans folds against the Packers and Lions beat the overrated Tampa Bay team.
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    Do you think the AFC South is the Houston Texans to win?

    The Houston Texans are the only team in the NFL that has yet to make the NFL playoffs. They did have their first winning season in 2009, and I see them and the Jacksonville Jaguars as the favorites to dethrone the Indianapolis Colts and win the AFC South. I feel if the Texans can get their...
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    Who will win the AFC South?

    With Peyton down. Who knows if he'll be 100% before it's too late. The AFC South is up for grabs. I think the Jacksonville Jaguars had a chance until they released David Garrard. So I'm going to take a guest and say HOUSTON TEXANS.
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    Who will win the AFC south?

    Who will win it, Colts, Jags or Texans?
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    American football fans, especially those with an interest in the AFC South?

    Indy and Houston open the regular season against each other. Manning is sidelined through the preseason, but his team expects him to take the field for that game. What's your prediction for the outcome, and what's the likelihood that it will be an important game to look back on by season's end...