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    The Team I use to Know

    This is to the Fans of NFL...I use to love and live for the San Diego Chargers.. As to let you know my heart was torn apart.. I wanted to tell the NFL if you have generations of loyal fans..Like my Grandpa, My Dad, My brothers and sisters were all fans including their kids...and Now their kids...
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    greatest team who hasn't won a super bowl?

    Bengals or Cards
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    Are the Atlanta Falcons the worse 11-1 team in the history of the NFL?

    How did they ever get to be 11-1? (soon to be 11-2) Even before today, I didn't hear many people picking them to get to the Super Bowl this season, let alone win it. They have no running game and Matty Ice Cold as their QB.
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    Are the Atlanta Falcons a superbowl team ?

    or are they overrated ?
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    NFL: Could the New York Giant Defense defeat this team?

    Fans, 2012-'13 New York Giants VS. Team Platinum! LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE-E-E-E-E! Strictly for the SAKE of discussion and argument's sake: disregarding eras played with each man in HIS PRIME on the same Team Platinum......... One Question, Q 1. Could Team Platinum's...
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    Where can I find Seattle Seahawks Nike Team Authentic Series Vapor Jet 2.0 Gloves?

    I desperately need these gloves in XL. Have looked everywhere and they're either sold out or don't have the size I need. I'm trying to get them for my husband for Christmas and was wondering if there are any other places I could check. Thanks! ;)
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    Which NFL team will be the first to draft a female football player?

    I think the Lions, Jim Schwartz would do something like that.
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    Why did Houston not call thier football team The Oilers when they got the Texans?

    was it because the Titans were the Oilers?
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    Should the Philadelphia Eagles rename their team to the Kansas City Chiefs or...

    ...Carolina Panthers? They play just as good as those teams.
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    How would you pick your favorite NFL team?

    Do you pick solely on proximity to the closest stadium? Do you pick a team solely based on the number of Superbowl wins? Do you pick because grandpa bought you a blanket with a team logo on it? :) If you had to move tomorrow to another state, would you change football teams? If not, wouldn't...
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    what team are the oakland raiders main enemy team?

    for example the boston red sock's main enemy team are the New York Yankees so who would be the main enemy of the oakland raiders?
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    Oakland raiders defensive team?

    I know ur laughing ur a$$es off over there bit Reggie mckenzi likes d dense. And if he hires winton moss who also is good on d would we be a defensive team
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    NFL: Draft Needs = YOU pick a position for each team!?

    Fans, The Playoffs are about to ensue! The roar of delirium and angst will echo throughout streets, valleys, and mountains as the playoff bound teams battle it out pad on pad, helmet on helmet, sinew on muscle! CRUNCH TIME! 'Nuff said 'bout that. Now on to the forgotten teams! Let us...
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    Has any other team ever backed into the playoffs with 3 straight losses

    like the Denver Broncos have done? There is no way they win a playoff game, right?
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    Who is the Washington Redskins player that was kicked off the team off the... for repeated drug use? He played for the Redskins during the team's Super Bowl years in the early-1980's. I found him. The player was Dexter Manley. AGM-Not only did you know the answer, you provided info about another situation happening at the same time. I remember Roy Tarpley.
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    im choosing a favorite nfl team?

    It is bettween The New York Giants and The Oakland Raiders Who should I choose and why?
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    Which NFL team has the best RBs?

    IMO Steven Jackson is the best rb on a team that mostly uses just him.. What i wanta know is which team thas the best RB group??
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    what is the closest NBA, NHL and NFL team to Washington State?

    i know Washington state doesn't (at least i don't think?) have any teams but whats the closest NBA, NHL, and NFL teams to it?
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    New England Patriots: The Greatest NFL team or the Greatest NFL team ever poll?

    Please vote. Any other viewpoint will be thumbed down. Any mention of Dallas cowboys will be reported as abuse as they are an affront to human dignity. Of course, if you must, special exemption for 1972 Dolphins is allowed. No offense taken, Sam. You lack basic English skills such as knowledge...