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    Redskins can't win with RG3

    RG3 might have been a good quarterback in his dreams but that is all. Now the Skins are stuck with him. He does not have the quarterback sense to win. I've been a lifelong fan of the Redskins and have witnessed great quarterbacks and RG3 is never going to be one. After his injury he has done...
  2. G

    Will Atlanta Falcons ever win the Super Bowl?

    Or do they have too many overrated players, especially on their defense.
  3. T

    Who will win the NFC East? Who do you want to see win the NFC East?

    Redskins (5-6) Giants (7-4) Cowboys (6-6) I'd like to see the Redskins win the NFC East and win their final 5 games of the season 10-6 RG3!
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    Can the St. Louis Rams win their division?

    OK i know the 49ers have the better overall record in their division at 8-3-1 but their division record is 2-1-1, while the st Louis rams division record is 4-0-1 overall 5-6-1. If the rams remain unbeaten in their division shouldn't they be the division leader even if their overall record is...
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    whose gonna win beetween new England patriots and san fran 49ers?

    im a niner fan and the niners are possibly in huge trouble if they lose cuz they may not get a playoff bye ( unless the packers lose or giants or bears, but i dought they will). so who do you think will win?
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    Who win the NFC East?

    Giants 7-5 Redskins 6-6 Cowboys 6-6 Skins final games Ravens loss Browns win Eagles win Cowboys loss 8-8 Giants final games Saints loss Falcons loss Ravens loss Eagles win 8-8 Cowboys final games Bengals win Steelers win Saints loss Redskins win 9-7 My prediction the...
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    I hope the Kansas City Chiefs win the rest of their games, how about you?

    Just for all they are going through. @ Steven good point but even @ 6-10 they would draft high.
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    Should the Carolina Panthers let the Kansas Chiefs win todays game?

    How does a team play against a team that going thru so much???
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    Buy or Sell: The New York Giants will win their next four games of the season?

    New Orleans, @Atlanta,@Baltimore,Philadelphia BQ- If the Giants do this they will win the superbowl. Go Giants!!!!! Woah woah, calm down there mountain lion, what team do you like? If they make the playoffs who will beat them. -Didn't let the Falcons score more than a safety in wild card...
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    Who is the greatest NFL player to never win a Super Bowl?

    My dad asked me this and I thought it was a very interesting question. Its probably a matter of opinion but I'd probably go with Barry Sanders.
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    Carolina Panthers Win! Blocked me?

    Has he blocked any of you? I completely owned him on one of his questions earlier, he wants Cam Newton's nuts in his mouth so bad.
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    I know Bears fans will disagree, but I predict the Lions win the NFC North?

    I just got suspended again. I want to be friends with everyone. Would you be my friends? I'm pretty sure AC Stylin and Bad Add got me suspended but I bear no ill will to them
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    Why does everyone assume the Giants are going to win the NFC east?

    Just watch them go on a HUGE losing streak like they do every year.Last year they did the same thing (went 6-2,then went on a huge losing streak and only won 3 more games the whole season).You do know the Cowboys are 1 game out of 1st place and they have a better divison record than the the Giants?
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    How many more games do the New York Giants have to win to be in the Superbowl?

    They beat the Falcons yesterday, they play the Green Bay Packers next week. If they beat the Packers, are they in the superbowl? I'm confused as to how far in the play-offs they are. HUGE GIANT FAN BTW! GO BIG BLUE!
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    Do you think the Detroit Lions will win against the New Orleans Saints...? that the score is 21-24? Last time I asked this question Lions were at 14.
  17. E

    If Detroit Lions win versus Saints......?

    Fans, Q 1. If the Detroit Lions win versus the New Orleans Saints, in THEIR dome, will the Lions become the FAVORITE in the remainder of the playoffs? Q 2. If Yes, even the favorite over the Defending Champion Packers: A. Yes, the favorite even over the Pack B. No, not the favorite...
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    Do you think the Detroit Lions will win against the New Orleans Saints?

    They are playing right now and the score is 14 - 24 Saints lead. You guys are wrong! The Lions will win, just watch they are about to score! You guys are wrong! The Lions will win, just watch they are about to score!
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    When will the Dallas Cowboys Stop waiting till the last minute to win the game?

    Do the Cowboys want to go to the Playoffs? I don't feel like they do. There is no energy with this team. Everyone seems like they're asleep. What do you think?
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    New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49ers? Who will win?

    Saints have obviously the best offense in the NFL. The have an amazing QB. But they're playin outdoors!! That's what everyone seems to forget! They lost to the rams! 49ers do have a shot and they do have a chance! They have to use their defense and force brees to think fast or get sacked. If...