2011 tampa bay buccaneers predictions schedule?

Jul 28, 2011
pick the games they will win and the games they will lose

Sunday, 11
Detroit at Tampa Bay (1:00 PM) (L)
Sunday, 18
Tampa Bay at Minnesota (1:00 PM) (W)
Sunday, 25
Atlanta at Tampa Bay (4:15 PM) (w)

Monday, 3
Indianapolis at Tampa Bay (8:30 PM) (L)
Sunday, 9
Tampa Bay at San Francisco (4:05 PM) (W)
Sunday, 16
New Orleans at Tampa Bay (4:15 PM) (L)
Sunday, 23
Chicago at Tampa Bay (1:00 PM) (W)

Sunday, 6
Tampa Bay at New Orleans (1:00 PM) (W)
Sunday, 13
Houston at Tampa Bay (1:00 PM) (W)
Sunday, 20
Tampa Bay at Green Bay (1:00 PM) (L)
Sunday, 27
Tampa Bay at Tennessee (1:00 PM) (W)

Sunday, 4
Carolina at Tampa Bay (1:00 PM) (W)
Sunday, 11
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville (1:00 PM) (L)
Saturday, 17
Dallas at Tampa Bay (8:20 PM) (W)
Saturday, 24
Tampa Bay at Carolina (1:00 PM) (W)
Sunday, 1
Tampa Bay at Atlanta (1:00 PM) (L)

10-6 record
@sultan of football your predictions are so far totally ridiculous i don't think they will have a 12-4 record sorry but this team have so many flaws in all areas
@j-ville boy i agree wit you i don't think the bucs can defeat the jaguars even some saying the bucks are better team than the jaguars the bucs don't have luck playing the jaguars
the jaguars have a better overall record against the bucs 3-1 in regular season the last time the bucs defeat the jaguars were back in 1995 the jaguars first season in the nfl

@cadolots the cowboys suck in december romo will shock like always despite having success in december of 2009 the cowboys will colapse in december, sorry the bucs will defeat the vikings mcnabb is getting old the bucs defense have a better chance of sack him

@buck sorry but the bucs defeating two afc teams on the road will be dificult i think they will defeat the titans , the bucs have not won at the jaguars stadium i don't think they will do it this time

@the devil hate the bucs i agree with you the lions have a chance defeating the bucs
@erin s you are right the bucs have not been able to reach two consecutive winning seasons since the tony dungy era they will fail

Eric S.

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Oct 17, 2009
I'm going with 7-9.

Week 1: vs. Detroit - W
Week 2: @ Minnesota - L
Week 3: vs. Atlanta - L
Week 4: vs. Indianapolis - L
Week 5: @ San Fran - W
Week 6: vs. New Orleans - W
Week 7: vs. Chicago - L
Week 9: @ New Orleans - L
Week 10: vs. Houston - W
Week 11: @ Green Bay - L
Week 12: @ Tennessee - W
Week 13: vs. Carolina - W
Week 14: @ Jacksonville - L
Week 15: vs. Dallas - L
Week 16: @ Carolina - W
Week 17: @ Atlanta - L Depends on if this game means anything to Atlanta.

As I said earlier, 7-9. Tampa didn't beat a team with a .500 or better record until the final week of the season last year, in a meaningless game against New Orleans, so I see no reason to believe that this year will be much different. Teams will have paid more attention to them this off-season because of last season's success, and they will fall back a little.

Sultan of Football

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Dec 29, 2009
at Lions W 24-14
at Vikings W 28-10
vs Falcons W 31-28
vs Colts W 20-17
at 49ers W 24-6
vs Saints L 21-31
vs Bears W 13-7
at Saints W 28-27
vs Texans W 38-28
at Packers L 14-24
at Titans W 27-24
vs Panthers W 31-10
at Jaguars W 27-17
vs Cowboys W 34-30
at Panthers W 35-0
at Falcons W 24-13
Overall, 12-4. Just because I know we'll lose a couple games that we should win.
Edit: Why is everyone getting on the Lions d*cks? They beat a couple good teams, and suddenly they're a playoff contender? The Bucs beat just about everyone they were supposed to beat, but came a bit short against the good teams. C'mon! You act like we barely beat the bad teams, and got pummeled by the good ones. We lost only 2 games by more than a touchdown. You can make the unproven argument for the Bucs, but why are the Lions suddenly better?
Hey, Vikings fan. Your dome isn't all that. Besides, how good was McNabb last time he played us? And what makes the Cowboys so great? Every year, they're hyped up like crazy, then they come short of their annual Super Bowl goals... time after time after time after time again. What makes them a better team than us?


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Jan 22, 2009
Detroit W-Lions will have first game glitter
at Minnesota L -Josh Freeman first time in the Dome, ha good luck Freeman, First timer in DOme suck at it...
Altanta L
Indianapolis L
at San Francisco W
New Orleans L
Chicago W- you should expect great Defense on your Bucs
at New Orleans L
Houston W
at Green Bay L
at Tennessee L
Carolina W
at Jacksonville W
Dallas L-really? you have a bucs beating Cowboys? I dont see it
at Carolina L
at Atlanta L

6-10 most likely


McNabb was playing with Deadskins, do you expect them to beat you? geez, Vikings have better running game then Deadskins...

Dallas have Tony Romo back... and still great Receiver game... dumb ass


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Mar 11, 2008
Detroit at Tampa Bay - (Lions win) - There Defense will get to Freeman; Their RB will put up some yards and Stafford plays to prove his worth.

Tampa Bay at Minnesota-(Vikings win)- With McNabb learning the system they will run AP down the Bucs throat.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay-(Falcons win)- Bucs Defense still young and not ready for the balanced change ups between run and pass the Falcons will bring.

Indianapolis at Tampa Bay-(Colts Win)- Manning will be a nightmare for the Bucs Defense.

Tampa Bay at San Francisco-(Bucs 1st win)- 49ers new HC and they will still be a mess

New Orleans at Tampa Bay-(Saints win)- Brees and his weapons are more experienced

Chicago at Tampa Bay-(Bears win)- I feel it will be a close defensive game but the edge goes to Bears

Tampa Bay at New Orleans-(Saints win)-Brees and his weapons are more experienced

Houston at Tampa Bay-(Bucs win)- another close defensive game, edge goes to Bucs

Tampa Bay at Green Bay-(Packers win)- high caliber team

Tampa Bay at Tennessee-(Bucs win)- TT has a new HC and they will struggle

Carolina at Tampa Bay-(Bucs win)- Panthers have Cam as QB and will struggle

Tampa Bay at Jacksonville-(Bucs win)- Garrad gets replaced by Gabbert to try and save DelReio's job

Dallas at Tampa Bay-(Cowboys win)- Cowboys will be persistent to show they are better than last year
Tampa Bay at Carolina-(Bucs win)- The Panthers are a mess {Cam as QB}

Tampa Bay at Atlanta-(Falcons Win)-still be more than the Bucs can handle

So a 6-10 season; They may pull off 8-8

I have been a Bucs fan for close to 2 decades but I am not under any delusions that they are a better team than last year, especially without adding veteran experience as many others have, as if they are going to improve on last years 10-6 record.... The Bucs building through only the draft makes them still a few years away IF ever!

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