2014 NFL MVP Talk

So, my first post on this forum is sure to spark debate. That's why I'm here.

My vote for the 2014 NFL MVP has the following stats. You tell me if there is any other QB that deserves it more...

- Passer Rating: 114.4 - 1st in NFL (this rating is the sixth highest single-season number in NFL history. Out of the other players in history's top 10, seven of them won the NFL MVP that year.)
Next Closest Player: Aaron Rodgers - 111.0 (so no, Rodgers isn't my vote)

- QB Rating: 82.3 - 1st in NFL
Next Closest: Aaron Rodgers - 81.2

- Completion %: 70.3 - 1st in NFL
Next Closest: Drew Brees - 69.6 (it ain't Drew Brees, either)

- 1st Down %: 43.9 - 1st in NFL
Next Closest: Aaron Rodgers - 41.2

- YPA: 8.5 - 1st in NFL
Next Closest: Aaron Rodgers - 8.3

- TD %: 8.0 - 1st in NFL
Next Closest: Aaron Rodgers - 7.2

- 3rd Down Conversion %: 56.4 - 1st in NFL
Next Closest: Philip Rivers - 49.3 (and it ain't Rivers)

His road record is 8-0 (including a win in Seattle)

He doesn't have the most TD's or Total Yards because he ranks 31st in attempts per game, nearly the bottom, tallying 12 fewer passing attempts per game than the leader in that category, Brees. All because his team has a balanced attack and they run the ball better than any team in the league. But when he throws the ball, he's the most accurate, the most efficient and the highest producer of any QB with over 200 attempts this season.

Yes...I'm talking about Tony Romo.

Thanks to Mike Fisher for the great article: Dallas Cowboys NFL Football Front Page

Now...who's your MVP and why?