AFC east predictions?

Mar 2009
Last year, my pre-season pick for the Super Bowl was Jets - Packers, and the Jets let me down.
I've already picked the Chargers for this years' Super Bowl - but for the AFC East, I really hate the Pats, the Dolphins have Reggie Bush, which should set them back a few years, and the Bills can hardly tie their shoes.

So I have to go with the Jets, Dolphins, Bills - and the Pats should wallow somewhere around 3-13.
Oct 2009
you have the dolphins too high and the bills too low. consider them both around 6-10.

Also I think the Patriots will have a slightly less spectacular season this year probably more like 12 or 13 wins rather than 14 but the Jets are just right
Oct 2007
Lol your records are very "even", but overall I agree. It's hard to win 14 games so I wouldn't be surprised if NE only wins 12 or 13. I think the Jets will be right there likely only finishing a game behind. To me, the Jets do have the superior defense, but the Pats offense is head over heels better. The Dolphins have done things to improve them team, but still lack a proven QB and leader. The Bills were an odd team in that they really tried hard despite an obvious lack of talent. With some better fortune, I wouldn't be surprised if they won a few more games. I will go with:

1. NE 13-3
2. NYJ 12-4
3. MIA 7-9
4. Buff 6-10
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