AFC East Predictions:?

How do you think the AFC East will shape up:
1. Patriots 13-3
2. Jets 12-4
3. Bills 7-9
4. Dolphins 7-9

The Bills schedule is crazy hard now with the Patriots twice, Jets twice, Chargers, Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, and Redskins.

The Dolphins schedule is a lot easier now since they got New England and Houston out of the way.

What are your predictions?
I am a die-hard Bills fan and I think their re-building project will be complete next year with them making the playoffs for the first time since '99. Also, their schedule will be slightly easier by facing the NFC South instead of the NFC East.
Jan 2010
Jordan is a ignorant tool. Fact.

1) Jets - 12-4 (win second game over Patriots, bye)
2) Patriots - 12-4 (win first game over Jets, wild card)
3) Bills - 7-9
4) Dolphins - 5-11

Also, if the Bills schedule is easier next year, so will the Jets and the Patriots one
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