AFC East Predictions...?

Oct 2007
That would have been much more impressive had u picked it and beginning of season but still good predictions
Sep 2011
1. Patriots 12-4
2. Bills 10-6
3. Jets 10-6
Dolphins - 5-11

Bills take the wild card because they have a better divisional record.
Oct 2009
I'm a Bills fan and trust me you're overestimating them. I hate to be a downer on my own team but trust me after watching them for years I can tell you they'll level out and finish around 7, 8 or 9 wins, not 11. However the Jets look like crap and will probably finish with a similar number of wins. Could actually turn into an interesting race for a Wild Card Spot late in the season between these two.

Other than that your list seems good, Pats had a slip up but they'll bounce back and dominate good teams. Dolphins will be horrid
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