AFC East record prediction?


Sep 2007

Pats (13-3)
Jets (11-5)
Bills (7-9)
Dolphins (4-12)
I don't know, I just have a feeling the dolphins will really suck this year. More that last year.
Dec 2007
I agree w/you; I think the Dolphins will really be terrible this year. Last place sounds right for Miami this year. Buffalo will finally escape the cellar...

Here's my predictions:

New England (13-3)
NY Jets (10-6)
Buffalo (6-10)
Miami (5-11)
Jan 2009
I'm a jets fan that never been to new York and was born in raise in Miami...
Take a game away from patriots, I agreed with the jets and bills, and give the dolphins 2 because the my are going to be playing worse teams than them. I hate the dolphins every year my predictions for them is 0-16 but it never happens :-(