AFC/NFC east predictions?

Sep 2007
AFC east
Patriots 13-3
Bills 11-5
Jets 8-8
Dolphins 4-12

NFC east
Giants 10-6
Redskins 10-6
Eagles 8-8
Cowboys 6-10
Aug 2011
Seriously? Bills 11-5 they played ok teams and pats but what happened last year when jets beat pats first time then second time blew out the jets but the bills played chiefs, raiders but they have jets twice pats again eagles giants I say they go 7-9 and jets won't go 8-8 posibly 10-6 11-5 and as for the redskins like I said with the bills just wait till later in the season when they play against elite teams and eagles did you already lose hope they will bounce back and win division and I don't think cowboys will go 6-10 and this coming from a eagles fan
Sep 2011
pats. 14-2
bills. 11-5
jets. 10-6
dolphins- 2-14

eagles. 12-4
giants. 10-6
redskins. 10-6
cowboys. 8-8

super bowl = Green Bay and Buffalo. by the way things are looking now... buffalo is gonna be a top contender.