Afc south predictions ...... Yea boiiiii?


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Feb 1, 2009
Colts at 14-2? Age is definitely catching up to them..

Here's my predictions..

Colts 10-6 (win division)
Texans 10-6 (wild card)
Jags 7-9
Titans 3-13 (if they get rid of Young - with him 8-8)
Feb 8, 2011
its ok a colts vs eagles super bowl would be better then stupid ted tebow playing since roscoe goodell and teh football league has a crush on him

as long as u undestand that teh eagles would win because matt vick is better then patrick manning


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Sep 7, 2007
Peyton Manning is washed up now and the Jags were so close to an AFC south title this is how it will go.

COLTS 9-7 (no wildcard, PREDICTION: Dallas clark get's injured in the 3rd game of season
TITANS 4-12 they just lost their star head coach and I don't think Kerry Collins can lead them
I think the Texans have one of the best offenses in the league. Matt Schaub is a very accurate quarterback, and they have the best Wide Receiver in the NFL in Andre Johnson. Arian Foster could have won offensive player of the year with the way he played. Walter is also a very under rated second Wide Receiver. I think if they can improve their defense a little bit in this off season, they will have a legitimate shot at beating the Colts for the division.

Peyton Manning wasn't as good as he was previous years. This might be a sign of him declining (I said might). Their team really isn't that great. I think the Texans could put up a lot of points when they face each other. All the Colts have is Peyton, Clark, and Wayne on offense. You could argue that Collie and Garcon are good, but I think that was just the affect of having Manning as their QB. Their defense is okay, but I really think the Texans are a better team coming into the season.

The Jaguars are an interesting team, too, but they are lacking a good QB. I don't think Gerrard can lead the team to the playoffs. They have one of the best running back in Maurice Jones-Drew, and a very under rated tight end in Mercedes Lewis. Sims Walker is okay. I think they have a team that can win maybe seven games at the most, but won't be getting a playoff seed over Houston or Indianapolis.

I think the Titans will end up last in the division. They seem to be a complete mess.

My prediction of the standings:
Houston- 11-5
Indianapolis- 9-7
Jacksonville- 7-9
Tennessee- 3-13

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