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Jun 2, 2013
Sierra Leone
Very good greetings to everyone.

Signed in today.

Until 2010, I was only a casual fan of American football. I knew of the teams, conferences, some of the more famous players historically and playing then such as Montana, Sanders, Rice, OJ, Marino, LT, Favre, Randy Moss, P Manning, Tomlinson, Brady, Romo, Vick, Palomalu, among several of them. During a season, I'd watch a few games, without much passion and only mild interest, and I've seen part or all of not more than a half dozen Superbowls, despite being born in 1981.

The first club knew of were the Steelers, way back in the 80s, and I around that time recall knowing of the Giants, Vikings, Jets, Bears, Cowboys, and 49ers.

Steelers and Vikings, and that's probably why they are my favourite teams, particularly the Vikes.

Between 2006 & 2010, I probably watch less than a half dozen matches, and followed the highlights of games on ESPN occassionally, and I did not surf the webfor information or research much. But, in december 2010, flipping through the channels i happened to come across espn's pre match coverage of the bears vikings game at the tcf bank stadium and for whatever reason instead of putting on a movie or going to bed, i decided to look at the match from beginning to the end, billed as Bret Favre's 'last shot at the bears'. Remember cheering his pass to the wid receiver later game to learn as being percy harvin, i saw him knocked out by wooton, his last sack and wooton's first, joe webb first game as a qb, and ultimately a disappointing loss for the vikings that hurt me like no gridiron football match hurt me at the time. This rekindle my interest in football like never before, and come hell or highwater I was a vikings fan, and began researching on the nfl and following news like never before. I was hurt when the steelers, for whom i have the most sympathy in the afc, also lost the superbowl when i learned of it over espn.

I try to compose myself and be stoic, but i get anxious when either of the two, particularly minnesota, are playing, since i rarely get the opportunity to follow any televised match, i look up scores via mobile internet.

I am a vikings fan, certainly not the most ardent and knowledgeable, but when you feel disappointments whenever a team loses, one is a fan of that team.