Anyone else think that this will go down in the NFC South?

Dec 2009
The Falcons win the division and Tampa Bay will get the wildcard. Making the Saints miss out on the playoffs.


I happened to check out the ESPN Power Rankings and they had the Saints at #4. To me that was a very generous ranking. They had the Steelers, Falcons and Jets behind the Saints. I, personally, would put all three of those teams ahead of the Saints.

Anyone agree or disagree with my prediction?
Aug 2011
I see the Falcons winning this division with the Bucs/Saints tying for the 6th playoff spot and the Bucs winning because of their 2 wins over the Saints.
Sep 2007
This in my opinion is the funnest division to watch if the saints, falcons or bucs are
playing eachother I will watch unless the patriots are on but I think it will be like this
1.falcons 13-3
2.saints 11-5
3.buccs 10-6
4.panthers 3-13
Jul 2009
I think the Saints will take the division back with the Falcons as the Wild Card personally. I see the Buccaneers taking a step back because they didn't really do much in the offseason and didn't have a great draft like the Saints and Falcons did.
Sep 2010
I'm not too sure about that. Honestly, I expect all three to get through. The Lions suck, the Vikes have another QB well past his prime, the Bears were a fluke, Washington is downright awful, Dallas is always way too overhyped, the Giants are master choke artists, and the NFC West.. well they're the NFC West. Do you really think any of them could capture the second wild card over the NFC South? It's pretty obvious to me what the playoff picture will probably look like (GB, PHI, NO, ATL, TB, and STL).

Agree about the ESPN rankings though. The bloggers there are delusional. Just today, Bill Williamson (the AFC West blogger and the only one whose articles I regularly read) made a post about those same power rankings and claimed that the Chiefs and Chargers are within the NFL's top 10 teams. Really? I could come up with that many teams from the AFC alone that are just as good or better. What's even more laughable is that he thinks the Raiders are around 16-18.

The guy's incredibly biased too. Denver had an amazing draft, Dumervil is returning, Clady's back at full health, and they got rid of their #1 problem, Josh McTeamDestroyer. Meanwhile, Oakland had another abomination on draft day and proceeded to lose their two best players in Asomugha and Miller. Despite this, he thinks Denver will suck worse and Oakland will improve. What a joke! It's obvious where his favoritism lies. Or maybe he's just an idiot, I dunno. I'd like to think the rest of ESPN's writers aren't as bad, but somehow I think they are.
Jun 2011
The Bucs, Saints, and the Falcons all have a shot at it. I could see all three in the playoffs if they let in two wild cards from the same division.