Anyone think the Cincinnati Bengals will get a wildcard?

Dec 2011
Ok, they laid a huge egg against Pittsburgh, keep in mind Cincinnati (7-5) had both of their starting cornerbacks hurt and Pittsburgh has a deep receiving core but lets look at the rest of the schedule:

*Texans* ( Texans are a great team, but they have been rocked with injuries, they are down to their 3rd string rookie QB, no Mario Williams, no Andre Johnson, Cinncinnati is just a better team and their offense is clicking, despite what showed at Pittsburgh)

Prediction: W 24-16)

*at Rams* (This game is somewhat of a trap game like the Texans game, Rams DID beat the Saints, maybe just a fluke, but Cincinnati barely escapes after this one)

Prediction: W 23-20

*Arizona* (Kevin Kolb is awful, Beanie Wells and Larry Fitsgerald are studs, but Cincinnati is just a better team and they barely escape this one too. A win is a win no matter if it's by 3 or by 30.

Prediction: W 24-16

*Baltimore* (Baltimore may clinch by this point and rest their starters, but assuming they do not)

Prediction: L 17-31

So do you think the Cincinnati bengals at 10-6 will get a wildcard?

At 10-6 it would be possible. This year though I think it will take 11-5, don't forget you are competing with Denver, Oakland, the Jets, and Titans or Texans. I think the Texans beat Carolina and the Colts still. That would leave them with 11 wins even IF they lose to the Bengals. However the Bengals only real chance is to beat the Texans. I think the Titans aren't a big threat, but they are the only one I'm really counting out. There is only the one spot left of the teams I'm including, as I'm saying Pittsburgh and Baltimore are going.
Dec 2011
the predictions are right on target with national rankings...I see no upsets happening. as for the ravens, this close to the title and being #2 they are NOT going to sit their starters.

oh yea...WHO DEY?
Dec 2007
I think that the Bengals do get one of the wildcards, but at 11-5 and not 10-6. I know the Ravens are a better team overall, but keep in mind that the Bengals had a shot to beat the Ravens @ Baltimore, and this time, the Ravens have to make a long trip to the west to play @ Cincinnati. Also, by week 17, the Bengals might need that extra win to prevent the Broncos, Raiders, Titans, or Jets from getting the last wild card spot(assuming Pitt takes the other one), and will be forced to win this one. Also, assuming the Ravens win their other games up to week 17, they would have already clinched the division anyways, even if Pitt finishes with the same record(they'll lose to San Fran), so the Ravens would just rest their starters to get ready for the playoffs.
Nov 2011
If your predictions are true then yes we can go, I just think we HAVE to beat the Texans, if we don't, were out of the playoffs. I mean Arizona & St Louis is a given. So lets hope they can play with some heart this Sunday and get a W

@Kevin S, There was absolutely no reason for Andy Dalton to risk getting seriously injured so of course he came out. Atleast he'll play think weekend unlike Lamaar Woodley who is out like a little girl for this Sunday so stfu