Are My Atlanta Falcons Over Rated ... Or ... Just Misunderstood?

Don't mind me ... I'm a little ticked now but I'll get over it:)

I wonder if they're trying to trick the rest of the NFL ... perhaps fool everyone into thinking they're not a threat and after this highly probable loss to a great Packer team just explode and win it all?

Over rated or Misunderstood?

Thanks and thumbs up to all who answer ... just give me time to get back and read the answers.
misunderstood. they need to play with a good rhythm. they stick too much to one thing. when they run they run, when they pass they pass. they have to mix it up a bit.
Sep 2007
I said it before the season even started...the falcons were overrated last year and benefited from a soft schedule. I actually picked them to miss the playoffs this year. But the nfc sucks, so they might sneak in.
Oct 2011
The problem with the Falcons is their defense. Just way too many mistakes and inconsistent this year that's why they have good games and really bad ones, in fact I don't even think they've had a great game so far this year. If it keeps going like this they'll definitely miss the playoffs. They aren't really overrated or misunderstood, just they have issues in defense that need to be fixed.
Jan 2012
Just overrated. They aren't as good as they were last year and will probably make the playoffs as the wild card if they do play more than 16 this year