are the bengals now the cellar dweller in afc north? browns are better? and?

Jun 24, 2011
Yep the Bungholes will suck again. The Brownies just took over third in the division. Palmer should just walk, he's not happy in Cincy. If they won't release him, then he can retire and be a Steelers fan.

Scott H

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Jan 4, 2008
Yes the Bengals are a mess. The Browns are clearly going in the right direction and the Steelers and Ravens are the class of the division
Jun 23, 2011
Cincinatti is not very good, and they don't have too much potential. They have an aging injury prone QB who wants to leave, 2 old WRs, who aren't that great anymore. Their defense is nothing great, they have a good young TE, but that's the only future. If I was Palmer, I'd want out, too. He'll leave, but I don't think he'll get very far on any other teams this point in his career.

Oleg Perry

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May 3, 2011
No the bengals are full of young talent, they potentially found their QB/WR hook up in Andy Dalton and AJ Green to go along with Caldwell and Shipley, AND Gresham. And although their defense isn't great they have a good secondary. As a ravens fan the bengals games are much scarier than the browns games because they have so many weapons on offense and their corners can match up 1 on 1 with our slow starters.

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