Are the Buffalo Bills going to relocate?


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Jan 26, 2009
There is a chance of this after the owner dies, but there are strong rumors that a plan is there and in place to assure they stay after he passes away, but nobody knows for sure. The Chargers and Jags have a higher probability to move as of right now as someone mentioned. DO NO LISTEN to the people who say that Toronto is the new destination, those people just see that Buffalo plays one game a year there so they assume that but they know nothing about it. The fans in Toronto are casual at best, that game does not even sell out anymore until the week of the game when they slash ticket prices to fill the stadium so it does not look empty on TV. The Bills only do that because they make something nuts like an extra $10 Million a game with the deal they signed each time they play in Toronto. There is typically a college bowl game in Toronto most years too, you will notice the stadium is half empty and all the people there are students and alumni of the school, American Football is a novelty in Toronto, they would never support a full-time team enough to get someone to move any current NFL team there.

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