Are the Minnesota Vikings playing for Andrew Luck?

Jul 31, 2011
When you have Adrian Peterson in your backfield and only give him the ball twice in the first quarter, and your whole entire team looks lathargic, including the coach, it's hard for me to not think they're playing for Andrew Luck. What say you?
No. Their honestly trying to win games, their struggling mainly because of McNabb who isn't completing enough passes, he isn't turning the ball over but he isn't making enough plays. They drafted Christian Ponder, they think he can win and be good, but they also don't think he's ready to be the QB of their future, just yet. They just can not put it together, they wouldn't have taken Ponder if they were going to go for Luck the next year, that would just be stupid. Yes, their losing but you can see the frustration in the team and head coach, their honestly trying to win. I don't think any team is sucking for Luck be sides the Colts, they want him to take over for Manning in a couple of years and they can't win with their players so their not going to sign someone better.

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