Are the New York Jets who we thought they were?

Oct 2011
Are the New York Jets the most suspect team in the NFL? I'd say so I predict a 6-10 finish and no playoffs. These guys are a gimmick can't wait to see all the fans fall off the bandwagon.
Jan 2011
well if they cant beat anyone on the road that would make them... What 8 and 8 at best at the end of the season?
Aug 2011
Your an idiot they lost to the raiders, ravens, and patriots all on the road that is a very tough part of the schedule call me when you learn anything about football
Jan 2010
Signed up today and this is the first question you ask... probably just a Patriots fan too afraid to ask with their real account, so they feel the need to use a disguise account to bash the Jets.

The Jets just lost to two of the best teams in the AFC. I don't know about you, but Ravens/Patriots aren't the easiest of opponents. They also got a sudden wake up call by McFadden. In the end of the day, they're 2-3 and two of their loses came from two great teams.

For your information, the Ravens and Patriots (home) also beat them once last year and they still made the playoffs. They also lost to Miami=Oakland last year

At Felipe: 95% of people would rather "fit into the NFL general crowd" and hate on Rex Ryan rather than hop on the Jets bandwagon

At Soari: The Jets have the worst offensive coordinator in the game today. His play calling couldn't be ANYMORE predictable. He did the "Holmes-fake reverse-Green run" play about 8 times today. Every time Holmes ran across the field before the ball was hike, they always tried to fake it to him just to give it off to Greene. Doesn't get more predictable than that. He also REFUSES to take advantage of weaken secondary or adjust his game plan, as Holmes called him out for. Schotty is a idiot. He finally decided to use "ground & pound" game the Jets should have been using most of the season today... just in time for the worst passing defense in the NFL. His game plan is crappy and Sanchez/receivers are struggling because of it. Sanchez is only in his third year, so there's no way he can call every play like Peyton/Brady/Brees does, and add to the fact that he's teamed with the worst offensive coordinator in football who's only there because of his dad, he's set up to suck.
Jan 2011
Not many people are on that bandwagon. I see more people, like you, who hate on them. I don't know if you live in New York, or you're stuck two years in the past, but no one's on that bandwagon anymore.

Everybody is either on the packers, bills or lions bandwagon.
Their defense is legit, undoubtedly one of the best. Just doesn't help when your QB manages 70 yards against the worst secondary in football for most of the game.

NYJ's spare parts WR's are who we thought they were.

I agree Schotty deserves most of the blame, in last year's 45-3 blowout, he started the game in hurry up mode, then buried the Jets early because all the gambles he took backfired which lead to them abandoning the run and set up the obvious pass situations. That said, Plax still missed some very easy catches, Mason didn't even play, and Holmes generally got most of the attention.