Are the Tennessee Titans legit?

Their defense certainly says that they are and Matt Hasselbeck is finally starting to look like one of the better quarterbacks. Chris Johnson has been playing bad, but maybe you should give credit to the defenses that have been shutting him down. I'd say that if they beat the Steelers (I seriously don't see the Steelers putting more than 10 points up against the Titans) and the Texans then they're probably a legit team after riding a hot streak. It's just amusing since I was expecting that the Titans were going to be worse than the Vikings, and now I have a feeling that they're good lol.
Aug 2009
they're pretty legit so far. I can see hasselbeck slowing down a bit midway through the season, but Im thinking johnson will be showing up around that time... Crazy how they get rid of vince young and a really good coach and they're looking like a playoff team
Yes. They have the number 1 ranked D in the league. One of the best RBs when he gets going, a QB who has been to a superbowl before, and they have a new Offensive Coordinator who changes it up more than the last (RIP Mike Heimerdinger). They also have nothing to lose coming off a 6-10 season, now they got a new HC. Finnegan is one of the best CBs. If Britt wouldn't have gotten hurt I'd be even more excited.
Feb 2009
Legit? I guess they're legit in the same sense that the Giants or the Bills are legit. They're a 7-9 win team that won't really factor into the Wild Card race.