Atlanta Falcons vs New york Giants?

Sep 2010
Who do you think will win?

Why and why not.

Probably will bet on that game.
Went with the Giants.

Wish me luck, guys.
Jun 2009
Definitely the Giants, for a couple of reasons. The most important is that they're finally healthy, including Bradshaw. He's not an elite RB, but their offense doesn't click on all cylinders when he's out, and he was out for multiple weeks. And the DEF clearly looks like a different unit than the one from 8 weeks ago.

Also, home field advantage is huge here, not so much for the Giants but the Falcons. They're one of those teams that plays significantly better at home.

Finally, there's experience. Eli and Coughlin and Co. have been there, done that in sudden death. The Falcons have, too, but with much less success.

Anything can happen, of course, but there's just no valid reason to think the Falcons will win.
Jan 2010
Giants. Cruz and Manning are unstoppable. Plus their playing at home. Falcons won't be able to keep up with the Giants offense.
Mar 2012
I actually like the Giants up until conference championships, i think they are peaking at the right time. And Manning is turning out to be a very good quarterback maybe someday on the level of his brother. They got OC back and Manning is the king of fourth quarters this year.