Baltimore ravens fans!!!?

Jun 27, 2011
K so I'm getting a jersey and I'm stuck between Dennis Pitta and Torrey Smith. Which 1 should I get? Can u please give me a good reason with back up from real games and proof that one is better than the other.
So 4 all u haters, I have 6 jerseys already. I want more. I love them! I use them ALL of the time. I do NOT regret getting any of them they are all worth it.

I want both but that's just ridiculous so I want to choose the better of the 2. Thank u for all the positive help, and those who don't wanna answer the question well u can take a long walk off a short pier :)


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Jan 13, 2008
I am a HUGE ravens fan. I would get Torrey smith. I think he is better and he plays more. As I type this he just got his first TD catch. Smith is one of the best rookies out there. Torrey smith has had 3 touchdown games and 100+ yard games.
Nov 22, 2011
Torrey Smith is the bona fide #2 reciever and is in on virtually every play. He leads the league in yards per catch and changes the entire defensive philosophy when he's on the field. Can't go wrong with him. :)

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