Best O-line in the AFC East?

Apr 2010
The two best O-lines in the NFL are normally said to be the Jets or Pats, so which do you think is better?
@marcelo. The Dolphins have a very good offensive line, and the best offensive lineman in the league (Jake Long, is in my opinion the best player in the league currently), and possibly they are the best in the league at run-blocking, but they aren't as good as the Jets or Pats. Those two lines are great at run-blocking and pass-blocking.
Jan 2011
I'm not enamored with any of the division's lines, but I'd give the edge to the Jets this year. Miami or NE could pass them up with development of Pouncey/Solder, respectively.
Sep 2007
Patriots: Logan Mankins, Dan koppen, Nate soldier (starting this year), Matt Light all of these guys are known by a lot of people and olinemen aren't well known
Jan 2010
At Soari, glad you brought up Miami, they do have a underrated offensive line... along with those three you mentioned, they also drafted Mike Pouncey, who looks promising.

I'll say this is a split decision... Patriots o-line are better at protecting the pass (the QB), while the Jets o-line are better at protecting the run (the running back). Dolphins o-line are rising too.
Jan 2009
Patriots. Sure Matt Light is not getting younger but that's why they drafted Nate Solder. Logan Mankins is their best lineman and still in the prime of his career; and Sebatian Vollmer has developed into one of the best Right Tackles of the league.
Jets O-line, ours is aging. Matt Light is over the hill, Dan Koppen is only slightly above average. Logan Mankins is the only perennial probowler, Jets have Ferguson and Mangold.

Ah, I forgot to mention the Dolphins. They suck in every phase of the game but their line is quite underrated. Vernon Carey, Richie Incognito, and Jake Long make a pretty impressive unit. Just too bad the rest of their team is complete garbage.
Oct 2007
Jets have more athletic lineman.
Patriots are good.

I thought you were talking about who the best lineman was.
I would say Jake Long.
Oct 2010
Lets look at some unbias numbers from last year, as laid out by Cold Hard Football Facts Offensive Hog Index:

YPA – Yards Per Attempt. This rates a team's ability to run the ball effectively.

Pats: 4.35 YPA

Jets: 4.45 YPA

NPP% – Negative Pass Plays, expressed as a percentage. This is how often a team's pass plays end in either a sack or interception. The theory is that teams with poor offensive lines generally surrender more sacks and that their quarterbacks are forced into making bad throws more often. These negative pass plays are calculated as a percentage of attempts. So if a team suffers two sacks and throws two INTs in 40 pass plays, their NPP% will be 10 percent (4/40).

Pats: 5.64%

Jets 7.69%

3down% – Success rate on third down – the higher the percentage, the greater the offensive success and the better the offensive line.

Pats: 48.22%

Jets: 39.57%

Overall rankings vs all 32 teams in 2010:

Pats: 1st

Jets: 6th

In 2009 the Pats ranked tied for 6th, the Jets ranked 20th.

Based on this, I'm going with NE until the Jets show that they've improved more then NE has.

For the record, Miami in 2010 ranked 21st, in 2009 tied for 4th.