Buy Or Sell Jets winning the AFC east?

Sell. Until we witness the Pats crumble, I can only assume they can still dominate.
I think he is a fantastic motivator and decent tactician. So, yes. I do think he's a good coach! He just needs to shut up sometimes...
Im a devout Jet but I dont see them winning the East.

Rex is a very very good coach and I think we will get to atleast the Divisional Playoffs.

We are very good contenders tho!!
Sell, the Jets somehow convinced everyone they'd win the division for the last 3 years now, not only haven't they but they've had a couple 9-7 records to prove what frauds they are.

Also, Ryan does a great job impersonating a good coach when he's had some of the defense's he's been given.
Sep 2007
They might win the division but I doubt it. Rex Ryan is good but would be better if he let his team's play do the talking and not his mouth!
Jul 2011
Buy, Rex Ryan is a great coach because they have made the AFC Championship for two strait years. The jets will eventually pass the patriots because of their shout-down corners. The patriots defense isn't too good which makes it hard for me to see them winning the divison again. The additions of Ochocinco and Haynesworth will help but they will need some pass-rushers and a shut-down corner to go along side McCortney, sure Brady is the NFL's best player but defense wins championships. The jets will win the divison.
Jets 13-3
Patriots 11-5
Bills 5-11
Dolphins 5-11
Sep 2009
I'm buying this

The Jets have improved each year and Rex Ryan is a great coach when he needs a win he's found ways to win games and found ways to make great coaching calls when the Jets have needed it. Also like a great coach he motivates his players well and gives them the confidence that they can win. Players love playing for him because of the believe he has in them

Jets are 3-2 against the Patriots in the last 5 meetings and seem to have figured out ways to slow down the Patriots offense. Ryan has also been able to coach them very well against the Patriots. The playoff game last year in which they send the Pats home in a shocker may signal they're ready to win the division

Sanchez made a lot of clutch big time plays last year and is getting better as a QB also. Hell be able to win some games and not just manage them

Jets are a very hungry team also and have improved both yrs going from 9-7 to 11-5. They also had a tougher road last year beating both the Colts and Patriots to get to the AFC Championship as opposed to the Bengals and Chargers

Jets have the talent, hunger, and mentality to do it and I see them improving this year also