Cam Newton drafted to the Cincinnati Bengals?

Sep 2007
I really hope so. I'm a big Newton fan and also live in Cincinnati. I've heard he worked out here this previous week. I'm sure he was influenced by this team. What are the chances for him to be drafted to the bengals?
Aug 2009
YA mock draft says they get Blaine Gabbert instead. Newton still isnt drafted up to the Cowboys pick.
They'll hav to do some trades and negotiate deals but if they do get cam newton he could take thm far. He could bring together thm as a team, jst as he did wit the auburn tigers. i honestly dnt like the bengals
(as a favorite team) but they can do wrk wit him and make sum progress throughout the franchise...proving haters wrng and making other teams worry abou stopping tht passing attack they got
May 2010
I would say the chances of him being in the top 4 on the Bengals board is possible, but if I were you I would hope that the Panthers take him #1, I see more potential in 4 other QB's in this draft, including some that the Bengals could get in the 4th round.
Sep 2010
Dude, he is the next Akili Smith.

Fine, give me thumbs down. That is not going to change the fact that he and the Bengals suck.