Cincinnati Bengals: is Dalton really that bad or was it his O-Line or Receivers?

Jan 2009
First Off: I am not fan of any football team in Ohio, so I am neither for nor against them when I see them play.


Q 1. Was it just me or was the Bengals receivers waiting for the ball to get to them, instead of running back to snag catches?

Q 2. Was it just me or was the Bengals' Offensive Line very porous a-la-Swiss-Cheese?

Q 3. Was it just me or were the Bengals' Receivers on paper better than the Texans' Receivers before coming into the game (eg: highlight reels of midair flips and Rice-esque catches)?

Q 4. Is Cleveland and Cincinnati just cursed with bad-mojo water in their cities?

Q 5. Realistically, Dalton looked above average on all his throws in the game; great mechanics, but WHAT was happening to him in this loss? panicking? forcing throws? not reading the defenses correctly?