Cleveland Browns 11-12 season?

Bo Jangles

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Aug 6, 2011
How do you guys think they'll do? I'm thinking a strong 7-9 record with upsets over the Steelers and Ravens at least once this season (since they beat some pretty good teams every year but lose to some pretty bad ones). Who do you guys think will be the easiest/hardest game for them?
(feel free to post scores and such)

Also who do you think will be the break out star of the team this year?
Jul 30, 2011
The Browns are one of the teams that just stinks every year. That is why they are called the Browns Because you all know what else is brown. 4-12


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Oct 20, 2007
They wont beat the steelers or ravens.
They do not have the weapons to beat them.
I could see them going 8-8.
Their easiest games will be against the bengals because they are going to be terrible this year.
They will probably have the worst offense in the league.

Colt Mccoy probably become a breakout player. I dont think anyone will be a star.
Hillis should have a good year.


Feb 4, 2009
IMO 7-9.I think they will start off 5-1 then go down hill because the ending of their schedule looks hard.


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Sep 8, 2007
5-11 because the only reason you beat some good teams is because of Rob Ryan and he is with the cowboys now
Jul 24, 2011
You know, I really don't get why Browns fans are so optimistic. They beat the Pats, Hillis is a stud and McCoy looks like a franchise QB but I'm not sure about them yet.

Bengals- W
@Colts- L
Dolphins- L
Titans- W
@Raiders- L
Seahawks- W
@SF- W
@Houston- L
Jacksonville- W
@Cincinnati- L
Baltimore- L
@Pittsburgh- L
@Arizona- L
@Baltimore- L
Pittsburgh- L

5-11 but they'll improve next season.

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