Could the Dolphins take 2nd in the AFC east ?

Sep 2007
Not a dolphins fan, Patriots Actually, but the dolphins and henne looked very impressive even though we beat them. There D at first
was good but our patriots no huddle offense slowed them down and tired them out. Reggie Bush was doing great too. Jets on the other hand played well but in my opinion got lucky that Romo choked. Sanchez played well but I didn't see his completion % which is the worst part about him. Also don't count out the bills either they looked really impressive or the Cheifs are back to being horrible.
AFC east
1.Patriots 14-2
2.Dolphins 9-7
3.Jets 9-7
4.Bills 6-10
Sep 2007
The Dolphins could win it all, or finish dead last. The lack of off-season training has already caused an unusually high number of injuries, and the teams to make the playoffs this year will be the luckiest, not the best.
Jan 2009
Here is my standings:


The Jets will lose to my Ravens in the AFC championship game. Go Ravens!
Nope. The Dolphins were in the game as much as they were against the Pats because of their stout defense. Offensively, I think is where their problems lie the most. Although they were able to produce through the air (Chad Henne passing for 419 yards, Brandon Marshall having 139 yards recieving), their running game was virtually non-existent. The Dolphins cannot win games just by passing. They need to run the football. I think getting rid of Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown was the biggest mistake they made for the offense. Reggie Bush was not and will never be an all down back. He only ran for 38 yards, while Chad Henne lead the team in rushing with 59 yards. When your QB leads you in rushing then that says one of two things. Either the QB is that athletic to run, or the o-line is that bad where he has to run constantly and the other RB's on the team can't produce.

The Dolphins defense is their only saving grace. Outside of that, they will lose many games because their offense is not up to par. I think the Dolphins fall to the basement to be honest. 9-7 is a bit too generous. I believe they finish with a 6-10 record, while the Bills finish 7-9 with the Jets moving to 10-6 and finally the Pats winning it all with a 13-3 record.
Oct 2009
Never trust the Fish.

The Jests will easily finish ahead of them in the division. I know the Jests never seem solid but that's just what they do, they win ridiculously close games and pull victories out of a hat like a magician.