Did the Atlanta Falcons steal Philadelphia's spirit and break their will to win?

Oct 2011
Are the Falcons responsible for Philly's epic implosion? Ever since that gut wrenching loss they have fallen apart!
Jun 2011
Well, since they only beat them once, and Philly Dream Team is 1-4, I doubt it is all Atlanta's fault.

Dream Team turning into a nightmare is pretty funny, though.:rofl:
Jul 2010
never thought of it like that. maybe Vick regrets what he did and having Falcons replaced with someone that i think is personally better has made him lose his spirit.
Sep 2007
a 1-4 record suggests they weren't that great to start out, sorry but Vick is not an elite QB in the NFL. He's a great runner but you still have to complete passes to win.

If they were 4-1 and then ended up losing 10 games that would be an implosion.