Did you expect the AFC East to be the toughest division in the NFL this season?

Aug 2011
Easily,the Pats dominated both there games. The Jets showed they can come back in the fourth quarter. And the Bills showed they can rush the pass and that Ryan Fitzpatrick can be clutch when needed. However I wouldn't say the Packers have it easy. The Vikings lost both games but to great teams. The only way to beat the Bears is through a pod pass rush. And the Lions are 2-0. But in conclusion, the AFC east is the toughest division and I expected that.


Apr 2009
Nope....But the Bills haven't played a good opponent yet.
I think they play the Pats next week. That should change things.
Mar 2010
Yes. The Bills are much better and I believe the Dolphins will win some games this year. The NFC North still has the Bears and the Lions are going to do well with their easy schedule. I think there are weaker divisions mainly the AFC West.
I think the Bills and Dolphins caused me to think otherwise. I can see by the last two weeks that the Bills became a monkey wrench in my original gears of thinking..


Jan 2008
i did expect the bills to be really good, but i didnt think the fins would be that bad.