Do the Minnesota Vikings have a chance to win the NFC North?

Tommie Lee

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Aug 14, 2011
Not likely. They'd have to get through the defending Super Bowl champ Packers, the NFC runner-up Bears, and the Lions, who aren't great but are on the rise. It's tough to see them finishing any better than 3rd place even if everything goes right, but we'll see. No one predicted the Bears to win the North last season.


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Jul 9, 2011
No , the packers have the best chance , after that the lions will be 2 with 12-4 , maybe u could beat the bears , cause they suckkkk

packer , 13-3
lions , 12-4
vikes , 8-8
bears , 7-9
Well, yeah every team has a chance, but Minnesota does not have a very good chance. The Packers offense seems to be as good this year as last year, I expect the Bears to get 9 or 10 wins again even though many analyst are talking bad about Jay Cutler (as usual) and their O-Line, but I think Lovey Smith does well as the underdog two years in a row, and everyone expects the Lions to get better this year (8 or 9 wins.) Unless something changes with the Bears getting 6 or 7 wins or the Matthew Stafford not living up to the expectations with the Lions, I only see the Vikings having 6 wins this year. But as everyone says, anything is possible and I would just love to see McNabb back to himself again and I would love to see the Vikings prove me wrong.

M. Diego

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Jan 8, 2009
I'm also a Vikings fan but they are a rebuilding team with an aging defense while the Packers are the defending champions and the Lions and Bears are on the rise. Losing Sidney Rice won't help.

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Jun 3, 2011
Well let's see. The other 3 teams in the division all beat NFCS teams what are supposed to be good. Minny lost to a west coast team that while good, pulls Marty Schottenheimers every post season and lose. And the Vikes were only close because the ran back an opening kickoff, then could not protect a lead

I would say chances are slim to none.