Do the New York Jets suck?

Jan 2009
Ok i became a Jets fan this summer and i thought they were doing great this year. 9-2 with a win over the patriots, only loosing to the packers and ravens who are also good defenses, but monday night they lost to the patriots 45-3. They did suck offense wise and in defense against the pass, but from the 1st to the end of the 3rd quarter (i quit after it was 38-3) their run defense was great. i am still a jets fan but im very upset. im just wondering, do they suck, was it a bad day for the jets, or have the patriots improved a lot?
I forgot to mention, if you saw the game, our punter punted a 12 yard punt, which lead to a pass but our back up cornerback made a pass interference. they could have prevented that and possibly changed the flow of the game early.
GO JETS!! :(
for whats his name i didnt switch teams i am a packers fan too. i actually followed Shon Greene (Ex-Iowa Hawkeye, big hawkeye fan, bad season for them too!)
Jan 2009
The Jets are prison biches...

The New York Football Patriots are 13-0 and ready to win the Super Bowl again, for the 9th time in a row.
Feb 2009
They don't "suck," but they are not an elite team.

The Jets are the second best team in the AFC east, and the #6-7 team in the AFC. The Jets have enough to get into the playoffs, but they've lost pretty much every big game they've played, and still have two big games left the schedule.
Jul 2010
I am a BIG ravens fan. But I think the jets had a REALLY REALLY bad game. I do not however, feel as though they are a bad team. In my opinion, it was the jet's quarterbacks fault.
They don't suck. They just got beat by the better team last night, that's all. The Pats are possibly the best team in the league right now and it showed. The Jets are 9-3, but a lot of those wins were close when they shouldn't have been. As a legitimate Superbowl contender you shouldn't be forced to have a comeback against all the teams that the Jets were forced to rally against in the fourth quarter. I don't think the Jets suck, but I think they're not as great as their record would have you believe.
Jan 2009
Dude there good, don't let people fool you with "they've won close games"... EVERYONE has won close games, its just the fact that the Jets had a few in a row means nothing. Also, it was close games that they lost as well... (besides last night which they basically gave away)
ani tym u tlk all dat stuff but den get blowed out!!!!!!!!!!! u aint got nun 2 say.............. HUSH MODE....... sum 1 shud get fired 4 dem losing lyk dat.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!