Do you agree that Logan Mankins would be a great fit for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Daniel B

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Dec 22, 2009
I highly doubt that New England is going to be able to sign him now that they have slapped the franchise tag on him, he already said at the pro bowl that that would upset him greatly. Logan Mankins has a mean streak to him, that combined with his physical ability to push the pile and take control at the line of scrimmage would pair him perfectly with the Steelers' style of play. They would have to give up a 1st round draft pick to get him but after the issues they faced with the offensive line late in the season this year I believe it would be well worth it. Matt Starks, Logan Mankins and Maurkice Pouncey would make one heck of an immovable object to protect Big Ben. What do you think?

BQ: Do you think they will re-sign Ike Taylor?


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Mar 12, 2009
I think Mankins stays in New England at least another year.

I think there's a good chance Steelers will resign Taylor also.

Jimm Powerz

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Oct 18, 2010
I have actually heard from multiple sources that Mankins has been franchized by the Patriots.

And even if he hadn't been, I wouldn't want him on the Steelers. Guys who holdout for half the season aren't Steelers players.

BQ: Yeah I am pretty sure he will. But you never know.
Oct 18, 2010
The Steelers don't sign high profile free agents. It's not how they've ever done it and it's worked out great for them. They're not gonna start now. They're gonna continue to draft well and sign bargain free agents. Why give up a first round pick for Mankins when you can use your first round pick to draft a lineman who's younger, healthier, cheaper and potentially better?

BQ: Yes, I think they'll resign Ike. He's our only reliable CB and he understands Lebeau's defense which relies heavily on the corner blitz.

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