Do you think Minnesota Vikings need a new QB ? I do .?

Oct 17, 2011
That's always been the Vikings issues since Warren Moon and Bret Favre since then they have not been able to find a decent QB and I think Joe Webb could and probably would do it for them .
I just think they need a new QB nothing else and maybe new offensive head coach .
Oct 17, 2011
At this point in time it doesn't matter who is the qb of the Vikings as their season is done for. The problem is how they started the year off with all those second half collapses with big leads. Had they at least won 2 or 3 of those games they' be better off. I think they should let either Joe Webb or Christian Ponder play to see what they've got with those two guys to determine whether or not they have their qb of the future or not.
They recently drafted who they thought would be the QB of the future, let McNabb play out this season, see what he can do for you, take the early draft pick and help your team. After that look at tape and decide if its time for your young guy or if you need to look at someone else. Joe Webb could be great, no doubt. He could be a wonderful player. Ponder is someone they thought could lead their future so the fans need to believe in him. Vikings have talent basically they need someone who can complete passes but most important hand the ball of to that amazingly talented guy in the backfield, what's his name, um..Oh yea, Adrian Peterson, one of the greatest players to ever play that position! He can run for 2,000 yards if they allow. I look forward to seeing the Vikings in the future, their looking pretty good.
Jan 12, 2009
Listen both the Vikings and Lions can't both be mediocre, it is an ancient NFL rule. The Vikings or Lions must suck in a season, both can't be mediocre at the same time.
Oct 3, 2011
i really think that ponder or webb are the best choices... i really think they should bench mcnabb... im from minnesota and sad to see them struggle but im a true fan cheering for them... i dont think a offensive head coach is needed... mcnabb is done for... you cant do much when you thrown the ball and its low and its either not complete or a low catch...