Do you think the AFC South is the Houston Texans to win?

The Houston Texans are the only team in the NFL that has yet to make the NFL playoffs. They did have their first winning season in 2009, and I see them and the Jacksonville Jaguars as the favorites to dethrone the Indianapolis Colts and win the AFC South. I feel if the Texans can get their defense in sync with their offense, and everyone stays healthy, then the Houston Texans could win their first AFC South divison title in team history. It's simply a matter of Coach Kubiak unlocking their team's
potential and turning it into a playoff team..I bet everyone in Houston, Jacksonville and Nashville are getting sick of tired of seeing the Colts win the AFC South. It's time someone else won it, and this year could be Texans' turn.

Do you feel that sooner or later the Houston Texans will make the NFL playoffs? Could 2011 be the Texans' year?
Mar 2011
I think so. They looked pretty good in the preseason and with Manning out indefinitely for the Colts, it looks wide open.
Well with Manning out I'd say yeah it is the Texans to lose. Not saying that Collins is horrible, but saying the Texans should have a good enough team to top the difference. As to the Jags do you really want to put Luke McCown there? If they hadn't cut Gerrard I'd feel more comfortable saying they could beat the Colts with Manning out.