Do you think the Best 3 teams in the AFC are in the AFC North?

Jan 26, 2009
I think in the AFC steelers ravens and bengals are the best three teams, I never liked the patriots they fall apart every playoffs, Texans lost matt Schuab for the season, the afc west is a mess, I think these a the best 3 teams and it kinda pisses me off cause I'm a Browns fan
Jordan, yes at one time but i'm not talking about one time I'm talking bout now and now he's wasn't one a playoff game since 2007
Dude you trust Matt Leinhart?
Get over myself? I just stated my opinion, I'm not even a bengals fan


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Jan 7, 2009
NO! The Bengals were predicted to be the worst team in the league to start the year and have certainly surprised many but are far from elite. Dalton takes the Bengals to 10-6 and they lose in the first round of the playoffs. Baltimore has lost to Seattle and Jacksonville who are both terrible. This tells me that they don't have what it takes to be a for real championship contender. Pittsburgh however is solid but can't seem to beat the Ravens which could be bad in the post season.
1 New England
2 Pittsburgh
3 Houston
Mar 21, 2009
The Ravens are an unbalanced team. The Bengals are surprisingly a good team but still not better than Pats or Jets. The Steelers are good but I'm not yet sure they're the best team in the AFC. I think it is safe to say that the six best teams in the AFC play in the North and East though.
Jan 16, 2008
Pats fall apart in the playoffs? The Bengals are good? You are so far off base, Steelers are pretty good, ravens are decent, but the Bengals? I would place it Pats, Jets, Steelers.

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