Do you think the Cleveland Browns should change their name from Browns to...

Jul 9, 2010
eh..Cleveland Dawgs makes it sound like they want to be a part of the Arena League(which are the usual standards they play to but thats not the point) im not sure what the whole deal is with the Browns name but it must have to do with something traditional in Cleveland...a uniform change??? For Sure! Eww
Sep 29, 2011
No, I think every other team should be forced to name the team after the founder as the Browns are. That would be some doozies, the New York Werblins instead of the Jets, the New York Maras instead of the Giants, the Kansas City Hunts instead of the Chiefs, the Miami Robbies, the Arizona Bidwills, effin A that should be good for a laugh or two.


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May 20, 2011
There was a time that they changed their name to the Baltimore Ravens, and that didn't go over very well with the fans, so the Browns is just fine.
Nov 29, 2007
They should get a whole new team name and uniform. I can't even look at the cover of Madden 12 without wanting to throw up on it. Worst name and uniforms in the NFL.

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