Every team in NFC South 0-1?

Between Atlanta and carolina

New Orleans will lose again.
Atlanta will beat the eagles by 3
Carolina has a chance to win
Tampa bay will lose. With Freeman not playing the first quarter in that game the vikings can take a good lead.




Which team(s) will take the NFC South for the 1st time this season

I think that Tampa and NO will tie for 1st and ATL and Car will both lose again
Mar 2009
Well, one at the most - Tampa has a shot at the Vikings.
The Saints might possibly take the Bears - but doubtful.
You might even see the NFC South all at 0-2.
Tampa will beat Minnesota because Minnesota sucks.

Green Bay destroys Carolina. I know Cam Newton had a good game last week, but it was against the Cardinals and the Packers will not give up that many yards again.

Saints beat Bears.

Eagles beat the overrated Falcons.
Sep 2011
The Bucs have a good shot at winning next week. The Panthers have no chance, the and the Falcons and Saints are about 50/50.
Nov 2010
TB over MIN

GB over CAR

CHI over NO

ATL over PHI

Game to watch week three will be Chicago Bears Vs Green Bay Packers.