Fan of five teams

Hi fellow football fanatics! I just registered because I like five teams: the Jaguars, Broncos, Packers, Buckeyes, and Gators. I also hate the Cowboys, Ravens, Irish, and Hurricanes. All I want is a forum where I can chat with anyone, not just fans of one team who hate another one or think it is bad to be a fan of multiple teams.

The reason I picked this username is except for liking and hating a few FBS teams I don't care about NCAA football. I always liked most NFL rules better and hated a lot that the NCAA does. But sometimes I watch other NCAA games if they affect Ohio State's position in the polls or one team is playing because the Buckeyes lost.

Before anybody calls me sir because I seem to know a lot about football: I am a woman and don't understand every aspect of the sport, but hate the stereotype "Women don't know much about football." If I seem to be weird or not have a sense of humor, it is because of a mental limitation I can't fix. I am most definitely not stupid.

Any questions?

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