How did the Cincinnati Bengals beat out the Tennessee Titans for the...

Aug 2009 wildcard spot? Really, I am confused why the Titans was even in the conversation if both teams ended up 9-7. I was thinking since Cincinnati won the head to head match up, they would automatically be in.
But then I was thinking since the titans were 7-5 in the Afc while the Bengals were 6-6 in the AFC, maybe that's why the Titans had a chnace.

How exactly did the Broncos or Raiders losing affect Cincinati. I would have thought maybe only the Broncos would have had something to do with it since the Titans beat the Broncos and Cincinnati lost to them.
Please help me understand.
Jan 2010
If two teams are tied, then it goes to Head to Head. In this case only CIN and TEN were tied and so it went to head to head which CIN won

If DEN and OAK won, then there would be a three way tied between CIN, TEN, and OAK because DEN would win the division. Then the tie breaker is Conference record which OAK would win
Sep 2007
I was thinking this same thing because i do remember before week 17 they still had a playoff chance, and every team they needed to lose lost (raiders, bengals, they beat the texans, and jets lost) so good question